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Female Stars Rise Up at Latin Alternative Music Festival

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Now in its twelfth year, the Latin Alternative Music Conference (L.A.M.C.) kicks off on Wednesday in New York. The conference brings trend-setting rock, hip-hop, and electronic artists from around Latin America to the city for a week of showcases and concerts, with the goal of bringing awareness to unconventional Spanish-language sounds.

This year, there’s a particularly strong presence of new female voices represented at the conference — ranging from the queer superstar novelist Rita Indiana to the Mexican indie goddess Lo Blondo.

WNYC asked Nuria Net, the founder of the Spanish alternative Web site Remezcla and currently an editor for Univision, to give us a rundown of Latin ladies to look out for at the conference.

Rita Indiana plays Central Park Summerstage at Rumsey Fieldon Saturday, July 9 at 3 P.M.  “Rita Indiana is an artist in every aspect," said Nuria Net. She’s a novelist, she writes screenplays, she’s been in a few bands, and now she has a solo debut called El Juidero. She’s a Dominican artist, but she’s based in Puerto Rico. But she’s also lived in New York, so she’s very transnational. She plays with popular genres, such as merengue with rock with a bit of reggae. The result is really intellectual, but at the same time really accessible. She plays a lot with Dominican slang and with Spanglish. She’s really become a superstar in Santo Domingo, which is really rare for an openly gay, alternative artist, and it’s really refreshing.”

Lo Blondo from Hello, Seahorse plays Celebrate Brooklyn! at the Prospect Park Bandshell on Friday, July 8 at 7:30 P.M. “Lo Blondo is the front woman for Hello Seahorse, a great indie rock band from Mexico," said Net. "They’re sharing the stage this year at Celebrate Brooklyn with the legendary Los Lobos and Zigmat, which is a local, Brooklyn-based band that sings in English and Spanish and also has a female singer. But Lo Blondo has a really beautiful voice, almost operatic. She was part of the 2010 bicentennial celebrations in Mexico, performing alongside Ely Guerra and Natalia Lafourcade, so she’s pretty high profile in Mexico.”

Francisca Valenzuela plays the L.A.M.C. showcase at the Bowery Ballroom on Thursday, July 6 at 9:30 P.M. “Francisca Valenzuela is a really talented singer and piano player born in California and raised in Chile," said Net. "She opened for U2 a few weeks ago in Chile, so she’s really well known there, but just starting to make a buzz here in the US.”

Goyo from Choc Quib Town plays Central Park Summerstage at Rumsey Field on Saturday, July 8 at 3 P.M. “Then there’s Goyo — she’s one of the MCs from the Colombian hip-hop group Choc Quib Town," said Net. "She’s a black woman from the Pacific coast of Colombia and she has this really amazing presence on stage. It’s rare to see female MCs in Latin America, so it’s really cool to see her headlining Summerstage this year, representing Latin hip-hop.” 

All L.A.M.C. shows are open to the public. For a full schedule, click here.