Casey Anthony: Not Guilty

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Legal analyst, sometime guest host for the Brian Lehrer Show, and It's a Free Country blogger Jami Floyd talks about the verdict in the Casey Anthony case, as well as the fair trial-free press debate.


Jami Floyd

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jessica from house

common this women has to be guilty i mean most people freak if they dont see there kid in the walmart or cant find them in the house when they are just on the next isle or outside playing on there trampoline she dident report her kid missing for a month i mean seriously !A MONTH! now maybe she did not "kill" her kid but had someone do this for her but technacly shes not lieing when they ask her if she killed her kid shes like no but in her twisted head shes like i had somone do it for me either way she knew about it and had somthing to do with it!!!!!

Jul. 20 2011 03:19 PM
Eugenia Renskoff from Brooklyn, NY

Hi, I believe this woman in the Casey Anthony trial got away with murder. The child is dead and she, by all acounts, did not have a good or even a halfway decent, mother. How many little girls and boys have to die before the people who lie to the police, and dispose (I believe that is what she did) of the little girl's body, are punished? I have no children and never will, but I feel deeply for these innocent victims. Eugenia Renskoff

Jul. 06 2011 12:53 PM
rose-ellen from jackson heights

The most bizarre convergence of pyschopathology [no conscience]and an accidental death.Because Caycee was a pychopath she responded to the accidental death of her child like a pyschopath-no grieving, no remorse for whatever part she played in her daughters accidental death but responded the same way a pyschopathic murderer would;hiding the body, not reporting the missing child, pathological lying, being able to sit in jail for 3 years without coming clean about an accidental death.Her instinct was to protect herself and hope the body would not be found and when found she could endure 3 years of silence about her childs accidental death because just like a murderer,she had no conscience .The fact that she did not murder the child yet like a murderer had no remorse or guilt because she's a pyschopath with no conscience worked in her favor[even Susan Smith who deliberately murdered her children when caught broke down] .A pyschopath has no conscience and does not break down.That there was wall to wall coverge all over the media is also bizarre.The media is saying the public was captivated by this case when the reality is and they know it that the public had no choice but to see and hear about this case in all media.I believe this is part of the medias intent to indoctrinate the public that they should wish to abolish the death penalty.That the defense team reacted to the virdict by saying so as well as their lambasting the media[theeir protesting too much] is part of an anti-death penalty propaganda campaign in collusion with the media[making fools of the public after they forced this case down our throats]by exposing how dangerous the death penalty is;the "an innocent person was almost condemned" straw dog narrative instigated by the medias wall to wall coverage in collusion with the defense.The fact the jurors who said they could not judge a person were allowed on the jury tells me the fix was in.[The media reveals this "detail' after the aquittal.]That such people are allowed on the jury is obstruction of justice and pure corruption of the system.This was jury nullification-the convictin on misdemeanors was to mask the corruption [jury nullification which both the judge and defense knew about.Corruption pure and simpleThey pulled the wool over the publics eyes apparently.I knew something was fishy the way there was ceaseless coverage of this case all over all media.

Jul. 06 2011 12:38 PM

why not incorporate a segment on our legal system and torture. if you water boarded casey anthony what would happen????

Jul. 06 2011 11:14 AM
Tom Dale Keever from Manhattan Plaza

Your commentator demonstrates the dangers of the shoot-from-the-hip pundit's life.

Stanford White did NOT go on trial for murder, as she asserted in her closing.

Harry K. Thaw went on trial for murdering White in the roof garden restaurant at the old Madison Square Garden. You can watch the crime re-enacted in the Milos Forman film version of "Ragtime," featuring Norman Mailer as White and Robert Joy as Thaw.

Jul. 06 2011 11:02 AM
rich k from uc nj

One correction in a good segment. Stanford White was the murderee. Harry Thaw was the accused murderer, getting off on an insanity plea.

Jul. 06 2011 10:50 AM
Louise from denville, nj

I get annoyed by these "mysteries" that become sensationalized that always seem to involve children, mothers and/or teenage women. Being white certainly ups the ante.

Jul. 06 2011 10:47 AM
The Truth from Becky

No matter what the topic Black Americans are sure to get dragged into the discussion...this has nothing to do with race...a little girl is dead and somebody killed her!

Jul. 06 2011 10:47 AM

I like Nancy Grace. She speaks for a lot of victims, all races, all income levels. Children need advocates and she is quite strident.

Alan Dershowitz (sp?) said some very interesting things on CNN last night, talking about how our justice system differs from some other countries. Our system is not about justice so much as it is about law..

Nancy Grace said some interesting things on Nightline in defense of her approach..

And yes, there are a million other important issues out there..and so many ignored child-murder cases...

Jul. 06 2011 10:47 AM
Amy from Manhattan

I appreciate Jami Floyd's saying it was an ordinary case *except* for the child who died & her mother. And Brian, I have to say I was disappointed at your flippant reference to this case in the Frank Rich segment, as well as your talking about "while the guys are watching sports"--the last thing we need in a discussion like this is stereotypes.

I wasn't following the case, although I couldn't entirely avoid it, even on WNYC. From what I did hear, it didn't sound like the evidence was clear enough to convict, but I don't know what the jury did & didn't hear. And for what it's worth, my friends haven't been talking about it either.

Jul. 06 2011 10:46 AM

Now I have to listen to Jami Floyd, the worst commentary on NPR, tell me that conservatives are quick to judge and dismiss the presumption of innocence? I'd argue this is human nature on both sides, which is why we have the safeguard of the presumption built in to our justice system. But not on NPR, no, conservatives are always evil.

Wasn't it the left that ran down DSK as a powerful, wealthy, white male taking advantage of a poor, immigrant, minority woman and thinking he could get away with it because he was privileged...

Jul. 06 2011 10:45 AM

If a black woman was villified by the media, there would be cries of racism. And that's the real crime.

Jul. 06 2011 10:45 AM
Leah from Brooklyn

Wow. The most recent caller could not be more inane. A person who didn't follow the trial decided to find it a "woman-hating" thing? And people give their kids NyQuil instead of calling a babysitting? And somehow this has to do with her left-leaningness?

Jumping to judgment, which I agree is a bad thing, is not the same thing as coming to judgment eventually based on reasoned deliberation of facts in evidence.

Jul. 06 2011 10:42 AM

There is NOT a left/right thing with this..!

Jul. 06 2011 10:41 AM

The caller is a perfect example of how people rationalize away things that they wish not to believe.

40+ Chloroform searches? The mother lying on the stand? And yet the caller characterizes this a sexist witch hunt. Wow.

Jul. 06 2011 10:41 AM

The Casey Anthony case was a difficult one for many reasons, with many indirect connections linking the victim and the accused. The blame here should not lie with the jury -- it did come back relatively quickly -- but with the prosecutors. I'm a lawyer in civil practice and know from experience that your biggest disappointments in court come when you try to go for too much. The prosecutors in this case went for too much; had they settled for a lesser charge, with a lower burden of proof, the outcome might have been much different.

Jul. 06 2011 10:40 AM
MFan from Staten Island, NY

I'm really hoping this is the last we have to hear about this and get back to paying attention to all the terrible things happening in the real world that actual affects us. And Bruce above got it right:

"It's not the worst event on the planet when a jury doesn't permit lynch-mob public opinion and over-reaching prosecutors to sway them into voting for the execution of a young woman on very thin evidence."


Jul. 06 2011 10:40 AM
Bruce Armstrong from Flushing

It's not the worst event on the planet when a jury doesn't permit lynch-mob public opinion and over-reaching prosecutors to sway them into voting for the execution of a young woman on very thin evidence. She may have gotten away with something awful. It happens. The death of the child was the tragedy, not the verdict. Now let's hope that parasite Nancy Grace doesn't stir up a mob and get any of the jurors killed.

There's a built-in skewing in the role played by media and public opinion: those who are more likely to consider the case on the facts turn up their nose at the story (as I did until the verdict) while those who follow it passionately are most likely to want to convict, even on lousy evidence.

Jul. 06 2011 10:37 AM
Freddy Jenkins

How could you not miss the case??? As I wait for the weather and traffic, it's the Casey Anthony case wall-to-wall. Folks on Facebook are posting Caylee's picture and screaming "Outrage"--and all I keep thinking about is there are millions of children who are turned into soldiers, sex slaves, labor slaves, deprived of health care and education and will live lives that no camera will ever reveal

Jul. 06 2011 10:35 AM

Our system should not require 12 people to be on the same page..

Jul. 06 2011 10:35 AM

by the way the country is STILL falling apart.
but by all means lets waste time on this
and please whats the sex angle

Jul. 06 2011 10:16 AM

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