Online Altar Opens for Same-Sex Couples

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Same-sex couples can begin the application process for marriage licenses online Tuesday.

Although couples can apply, there is a 30-day waiting period on marriage permits, so it won't actually be possible to get married until the end of the month.

But Rev. Pat Bumgardner, pastor of the Metropolitan Community Church of New York, said the waiting period has put a damper on the excitement.

"I don't get the sense that there's a big rush today," Bumgardner said.

The reverend, who plans to get married herself, said many same-sex couples for whom she had performed a wedding ceremony in the past are wondering how to make it legal.

"What I've told them is, they should apply for their license and bring it to me with their witnesses, and since they've already had the ceremony, if they don’t want to have over again, we’ll just have a brief blessing, sign the document and mail it in," she said.

And for the reverend and her partner?

"We're going to go in person."