Audio Slam Coming to NYC Digital Waves Festival

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Entries wanted for the Audio Slam Throwdown at the 2011 NYC Digital Waves Youth Media Festival. The Audio Slam brings the live action of a battle of the bands to the world of produced audio. The idea is to create a competition for audio producers that delivers the adrenaline rush of a live performance in the intense atmosphere of a poetry slam. 

The format: 4 rounds, 1-minute of audio played each round (better make each minute count).
The judges: media pros from radio, print and film -- hold notebooks and markers.
Their job: to judge each minute on the spot, using a scale of  1-10.
The stakes: a $500 cash prize for 1st place, $250 for 2nd place, $100 for third place.
The contestants: Youth audio producers ages 13 to 23.
The audio: This radio features and stories, radio drama, true stories and audio art.
When and Where: 2011 NYC Digital Waves Youth Media Festival at WNYC, Saturday, July 30th, 3:30p.m.
Brought to you by: WMPG’s Blunt Youth Radio Project with support from WNYC Radio Rookies.

MORE ON HOW IT WORKS:  Producers will enter a piece of spoken word audio, and we will play the entries and judge them in one-minute rounds, for a total of 4 rounds. So, no matter how long your piece is, we’ll only be judging 4 minutes of it. You can enter a 4-minute piece, or pick which individual 4 minutes you want us to play of a longer piece. Or, if you have a longer piece, you could consider doing a shorter version for the Audio Slam.

The judges will score the pieces right then and there and determine which ones advance to the next round. So, in round one, we hear minute one, and in round two, we hear your chosen minute two. This means that each minute has to be compelling enough that we’ll want to hear more.

Entries may be any style, but the focus is on work with spoken audio. It’s perfectly fine if the piece has previously aired elsewhere. First place wins $500, second place wins $250, and third place wins $100! Only 16 entries will be accepted. You must be present to participate in the slam.

Not sure if you should enter? Enter, enter, enter! This will be great fun—we’re not snobs, and your work is really wanted!



1. FORMAT: Format your four-minutes of audio IN TWO WAYS:

 a) divided into four one-minute mp3s, and

 b) one undivided mp3. If your piece is longer than 4 minutes, you need to decidewhich minutes you want us to play. Make sure that when we play all 4 minutes (in the final round) that those 4 minutes hang together and still sound good.


2. SEND TO: Send the audio PREFERABLY via to:   It is free to sign up for a basic Yousendit account. If  you can’t figure out how to send your audio on, then you can email it to:



  1. First and last names of the producer(s)
  2. Your email address and phone number
  3. The name of the piece
  4. One or two lines describing your piece. For example: “When I was eight years old, my dad became homeless for six months after my parents divorced. In this piece, I interview him about his experience.”
  5. Affiliation: Which radio/media program or station are you affiliated with OR, are you an independent producer?

4. Register for the 2011 NYC Digital Waves Youth Media Festival:

Audio Slam entries deadline: Monday, July 18, 2011 at 5:00 p.m.


For more information contact: Claire Holman,