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Amy Eddings' Food for Thought: What's to Love About Durian?

I ate the Southeast Asian tropical fruit the durian today. It was my first and last taste.

Last Chance Foods producer Joy Wang had lined up an interview about the fruit -- in season till the end of July -- with former Salon food writer Francis Lam who now writes and edits for the new food Web site, Guilt Taste. Not wanting me to be without the experience of sampling durian, she went shopping for the smelly, spiky fruit in Chinatown. She couldn't find a fresh one, so she brought back some FROZEN durian.

It looked like raw chicken parts.

It had thawed a little along the edges by the time she brought it into the studio, so I pulled off a pinch of its pale yellow flesh. It tasted like creamed onion. 

That wasn't bad ... but, hours later, I still had the taste in my mouth. Yuck.

The durian was frozen, so I did not get a chance to experience its famous stench at its ripest. However, I could discern a faint whiff of sweaty socks.

I don't know what people see in durian, or taste in it. Have you tried one?  What did you think?