New Movie Releases: 'Transformers 3,' 'Larry Crowne,' 'Monte Carlo'

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It’s Friday, which means we'll be talking about new movies here at The Takeaway. This week’s big openers are the 3D action spectacular "Transformers 3: Dark Side of the Moon," the Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks–led romantic comedy "Larry Crowne," "Monte Carlo," a teen chick flick centering around a case of mistaken identity.


But if you can only see one, which should it be? Movie critics Rafer Guzman and Kristen Meinzer will share their opinions. In addition to hosting the Takeaway’s Movie Date podcast, Rafer is a film critic for Newsday and Kristen is a culture producer for The Takeaway.

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Here are trailers for the three films.

Transformers 3:

Larry Crowne:

Monte Carlo: