Immigrants Raising American Citizens

Monday, July 04, 2011

Hirokazu Yoshikawa, professor of education in Harvard University's Graduate School of Education, talks about the nearly four million children born in this country to undocumented immigrant parents, and looks at how the circumstances they are being raised in adversely influence their development. Immigrants Raising Citizens is based on data from a three-year study of infants from undocumented immigrant families, and includes important implications his findings have for immigration policy, labor law enforcement, and the structure of community services for immigrant families.


Hirokazu Yoshikawa

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Valeria from Brooklyn

The political correctness surrounding this topic is astounding.

Those of us who came to this country legally are immigrants; those who snuck across the border are illegals. Let's please get the linguistics straight.

Which illegals pay into Social Security? And even if a minority do, how many illegals have "anchor babies" that are born here to collect benefits that were initially created to help Americans (Food Stamps, Medicaid, WIC Checks, free education, special education, ESL programs, Section 8, HEAP, etc.). Illegals collect these "benefits" while working off the books and sending their American-made money back over the border every week.

Another issue is national security. With insecure borders, terrorists who are hell-bent on destroying our country can easily slip into the U.S. undetected. I would hate to see another 9/11 happen because our government is too politically correct to secure our borders. Perhaps this would change if the politicians were forced to explain to the American public why our country is the only one on the planet that is not allowed to have clearly defined and secure borders.

Jul. 06 2011 12:28 PM
Wallace from New York

It is my understanding that undocumented workers often pay into the social security system, but because of their legal status cannot claim benefits; therefore, there is a net surplus regarding the social security fund trust/funds generated by undocumented workers.

Jul. 04 2011 01:58 PM

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