New York Public Radio Acquires Four NJN Radio Stations

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

New York Public Radio has reached an agreement with the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority to acquire four New Jersey Network Radio Stations from the state of New Jersey.

The four stations in the deal — WNJT FM-Trenton, WNJB FM-Sussex, WNJY FM-Netcong and WNJO FM-Toms River — are the northern-most radio stations in the NJN network. The stations will retain their call letters, but will be collectively branded as New Jersey Public Radio. 

Programming on the four stations will remain the same for the next few months until New York Public Radio announces a full broadcast schedule for the stations in the fall. It is expected to include well-known national programming—produced by NPR, APM and WNYC—content developed by the New Jersey news collaboration, and programs of regional interest produced by WNYC.

Under the terms of the deal, New York Public Radio has purchased the FCC broadcast licenses and related broadcast equipment for WNJT FM-Trenton, WNJB FM-Sussex, WNJY FM-Netcong, and WNJO FM-Toms River for a total of $1 million cash and $1.8 million in in-kind services.


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I live in New Jersey. The news coverage is all about New York City. The funny thing is how is NYC gonna cove all of New Jersey when NYC only cares about the City and forget the rest of New York State. The morning progaming is also bogus. Please let me wake up to local and national news. Not idiots talking about movies books and for the love of god, why would radio cover Televison programs? That is what "The Soup" is for.

And fo some reason NYC seems to give too much credablity to the Brits. Like thay are more cultured and refined. Go there and eat and see how refined they are,bloddy why don;t you.

Feb. 13 2012 05:45 PM
Liz from Mercerville

I live in Mercer County, New Jersey and faithful listener/subscriber to the local NJN radio station. My favorite shows, The Diane Rehm Show/Fresh Air with Terry Gross/and Tell me More with Michel Martin,are no longer aired on my radio station. I am very upset about the programming changes. As someone who lives in Mercer County in Central New Jersey, I'm frankly not interested in listening to New York City based & focused radio shows. Although my favorite radio shows are not focused on "Central Jersey', they have a National and International focus which is of interest to me. Please me advised that I will listen to my favorite shows online rather then on my former favorite radio station, 88.1.

Jan. 18 2012 08:41 AM
garlicfarmer from Pine Island, NY

The programming changes just went into effect a couple of days ago; losing Diane Rehm (the most intelligent program on radio) and Terry Gross from the Sussex station is a great disappointment.

Jan. 16 2012 12:56 PM

I listen to WNYC during the week at work and am a loyal listener. Until it comes to Saturday. I love the WNJO Saturday schedule. I HATE!!! the WNYC Saturday line up. Please, please don't subject the WNJO listeners to 3 hours of Jonathan Schwartz! Changing Saturday NJO would be a crime.

Jan. 14 2012 02:12 PM
Alex Lopov from Bridgewater

Looking at NYC's AM and FM schedules, the best is AM. The FM schedule is homogenous. The AM schedule, like NJNs, has character. It isn't as good as NJN's, though. The problem is that NYC AM is a weak station and can be heard only in restricted areas in NJ and Conn. I hope that the AM programmers set NJNs schedule and not the FM programmers. George Boole is right: NYC should use NJNs programming as a model for itself rather than forcing New Jersey listeners to swallow NYCs inferior programming.

Note the bottom of page B10 in Thursday's NY Times: wi-fi radio is here! If NYC ruins NJN FM, there is an alternative.

Jun. 30 2011 09:25 PM

WNYC does NOT carry Diane Rehm LIVE from 10:00am-12:00pm like NJN does. Nor do they carry Talk of the Nation at all. This is such a tragedy.

Jun. 30 2011 06:27 PM
jawbone from Parsippany, NJ

WNYC-FM has The Diane Rhem Show? When? I can barely receive WNYC -AM, so if it's on that station I can't receive here in Morris County, NJ. I used to get it pretty well, then something changed and even the day strength doesn't come in well. I've never been able to receive at night when the signal strength drops.

I will miss NJ Public Television and I am upset and angry that Gov. Chris "We dasn't tax the wealthy!" Christie feels that public broadcasting per se is not an appropriate public function. Given that news about NJ is nearly completely absent from local news sites, public TV filled an important function in at least offering the opportunity for people to learn more about what their state government is doing and for learning about more distant parts of the state from where one lives.

I also do not understand why the proven newscasters are not being retained.

And why the station is going dark...tonight.

I watch NJN quite a bit; it has programs on at times which sometimes are more convenient than Ch. 13 and it also have very interesting programs about NJ.

I hope the archives will not be "lost."

Jun. 30 2011 12:15 PM
markbnj from NJ

to Listener George Boole (above)
Wnyc does have Dianne Rheem.
What I like about soundcheck.
It's ecclectic nature.
It has (yes, I admit) cheezy ratings oriented topics like the smack-downs) but it has classical, hip hop, rock, soul and even evengalical live performances.

Try listening to the 2nd 1/2 hr instead of the first part of the show.

Yes, I wish they would start simulcasting the entire wnyc show list, with alternatives, such as
the shows they cant carry live at 10am..such as tom ashbrook...

TO the staff:

What are the NEW frequencies??? please??

Jun. 30 2011 09:15 AM
J.R.. Glover from Oak Ridge, NJ

I am a very big fan of Dianne Rheem, Terry Gross, and Michel Martin. I know that their content is national in scope and not local but I do not believe there is another radio outlet in NJ for listeners to get the information (and entertainment) provided by these programs. I hope the change in station ownership does not affect listeners receiving these programs.

Jun. 30 2011 09:00 AM
George Boole from West Orange, NJ

I saw the comment on NYCs purchase of NJN radio and would like to add my 2 cents. NYC will undoubtedly change what is being offered on NJN. I hope that NYC does not shove Soundcheck down our throats (it is a horror) nor Brian Lehrer (only because his programming is New York oriented). Leonard Lopate is a lightweight when compared to what NJN offers, Diane Rheem. Listening to Lopate is like listening to the queen of glitz and powderpuff questions, Terry Gross. In fact, NYC would do well in substituting some of its programming for some of NJN's programming. I am not being chauvenistic, just realistic when I compare what NJN offers when compared to what NYC offers.

Jun. 29 2011 11:58 PM
Arnold Sirota from Princeton Junction, NJ

I am an WNJT-FM Trenton listener living near Princeton, NJ. I am also a member. As it happens, because I am a member of NJN, my membership contribution supports NJN TV. While I listen to WNJT-FM almost exclusively, I never watch NJN TV. I have not objected because I believe that supporting NJN TV is something I should do.

At some point in the future, you are going to come to me to ask that I renew my membership. I will be delighted to renew my membership in WNJT-FM and will be happy that my membership dollars are not going to support TV. However, before I renew, I will need assurance from WNYC that my membership dollars will go to support WNJT-FM only and will not in any way or amount be used to support a station that is only marginally interested in New Jersey and that I cannot receive where I live, i.e., WNYC.

Thank you,

Arnold Sirota
Princeton Junction, NJ

Jun. 29 2011 07:15 PM

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