New York Public Radio Acquires Four NJN Radio Stations

New York Public Radio has reached an agreement with the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority to acquire four New Jersey Network Radio Stations from the state of New Jersey.

The four stations in the deal — WNJT FM-Trenton, WNJB FM-Sussex, WNJY FM-Netcong and WNJO FM-Toms River — are the northern-most radio stations in the NJN network. The stations will retain their call letters, but will be collectively branded as New Jersey Public Radio. 

Programming on the four stations will remain the same for the next few months until New York Public Radio announces a full broadcast schedule for the stations in the fall. It is expected to include well-known national programming—produced by NPR, APM and WNYC—content developed by the New Jersey news collaboration, and programs of regional interest produced by WNYC.

Under the terms of the deal, New York Public Radio has purchased the FCC broadcast licenses and related broadcast equipment for WNJT FM-Trenton, WNJB FM-Sussex, WNJY FM-Netcong, and WNJO FM-Toms River for a total of $1 million cash and $1.8 million in in-kind services.