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Nathan Englander Expounds on Execution

Short story writer and novelist Nathan Englander dissected his writing and research methodology.

From this 2009 session of BAM's Eat, Drink & Be Literary series, Englander read from his novel The Ministry of Special Cases and discussed everything from his hyper-conscience writing approach to Jewish Santas.

The conversation was moderated by author and former Editor-in-Chief of Random House Daniel Menaker.


Stream and download their entire discussion here for free.

(Audio presentation courtesy of the National Book Foundation)


Bon Mots

On Morality: "I think it's a moral act, writing. I really do. You can be immoral as a person -- you can eat a bowl of babies for breakfast and go around killing hobos -- but, it's a system of weights and measures.

On Love: "There's such a danger when people fall in love. You can't fall in love with your facts."

On Writing: "You only can be yourself to the extreme."