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Gov. Cuomo Takes Tough Stance on Nuclear Reactors (NYT)
A spokesman for Governor Cuomo told the operators of the Indian Point nuclear power plant that the governor wants to close the facility. While he’s not the first governor to take that position, newly passed state legislation means it would be easier for him to do so.


Base of Black Political Power Shifts from Harlem (Crain’s)
A cadre of young African American politicians in Central Brooklyn are shaking up the establishment by virtue of their age, ambition, and the neighborhoods they represent. Prospect Heights Assemblyman Hakeem Jeffries has been dubbed “Brooklyn’s Barack Obama” and his name has been floated as a possible mayoral candidate for 2013. Political observers say Brooklyn’s Assemblyman Karim Camara and state Senator Eric Adams are shaping up to be future stars as well.

Companies Cut Partner Benefits After Gay Marriage is Legalized (WSJ)
Following the passage of gay marriage legislation in New York, at least two major companies that do business in the state--Raytheon Co. and International Business Machines Corp.--are telling gay employees that they’ll have to get married to qualify for partner benefits.

Married Gay Inmates Will Be Eligible for Conjugal Visits (NY Post)
Officials with the state’s Department of Corrections say they’re changing prison policy when it comes to homesexual conjugal visits. Gay inmates married in New York will now be able to participate in so-called “family re-unions.” In 2008, then-governor David Paterson signed an executive order requiring Corrections to honor civil unions and out-of-state same-sex marriages.

Six Hydrofracking Firms Hit With New York State Subpoenas (NY Daily News)
Sources tell the Daily News that state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is requesting documents that the companies gave to investors that list the potential risks of the practice. Hydrofracturing, or fracking, relies on chemicals and water to get at natural gas deep underground. A draft plan for regulating the industry is expected to be released by the Department of Environmental Conservation later this week.

NJ Treasurer Calls Democrats’ Proposed Budget “Unconstitutional” (Star-Ledger)
New Jersey Treasurer Andrew P. Sidamon-Eristoff warned Democrats that Governor Christie would use all of the powers at his disposal to put the kibosh on the Democrats’ plan, according to a letter obtained by the Star-Ledger.

Gov. Christie Says Homeowners Getting Property Tax Relief in Late 2012 (Star-Ledger)
Governor Chris Christie says homeowners will first see property tax relief on their August 2012 bills as a result of the overhaul of public employee benefits he signed this week. Christie already capped property taxes and contracts with police and fire unions. The public employee benefits legislation is the third piece in his plan for property tax relief.

NY to Address Troubled Brooklyn Hospitals (Crain’s)
The former chair of a New York state health care restructuring panel is now in charge of an effort to save struggling hospitals in Brooklyn. State Department of Health officials have focused on five of Brooklyn's 10 private hospitals, which have financial problems. Stephen Berger will do an assessment of the hospitals weaknesses and strengths in order to forge a path forward.