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30 Years of Louise Erdrich

Louise Erdrich is a novelist, poet, bookstore owner and one of People Magazine's Most Beautiful People (1990). She's been a leading voice for Native American literature throughout her writing career.

For this 2008 session of BAM's Eat, Drink & Be Literary series, Erdrich read from her collection of stories The Red Convertible, which were gathered from 30 years of writing. In the book's preface, she says  her stories grow over the years; they "gather force and weight and complexity." The conversation was moderated by author Aoibheann Sweeney. 

Stream and download the talk here for free. 

(Audio presentation courtesy of the National Book Foundation)


Bon Mots

On Her Children's Books: "These books I'm working on are sort of the anti–Little House on the Prairie."

On Favorite Poets: "Adam Zagajewski, Wislawa Szymborska, Robert Bly, Mahmoud Darwish, Sharon Olds, Patricia Hampl."

On Childhood: "My childhood was so powerful for me. I had such a sheltered but free, very unfettered childhood."