Pastor Offers to Waive Wedding Fee for Same-Sex Couples

When gay marriage becomes legal in New York next month, one city pastor is offering to perform LGBT weddings for free.

Pastor Phil Trizinka of Trinity Lower East Side Lutheran Church in the East Village said his response to the law's exemption for religious institutions that oppose gay marriage is to offer to host same-sex weddings free of charge.

"I just put up a sign in front of the church to let people know that we're not just reluctantly willing to do LBGT weddings but that we really are honored to do that kind of thing," he said.

Trizinka said he’s gotten mostly positive feedback for his offer but the pastor — who typically charges $500 to officiate a wedding, which includes a few sessions of pre-wedding counseling — has yet to be contacted by a couple who would like his help getting hitched.

He said his offer to marry gay couples for free stands until June 30, 2012.