Gig Alerts: Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra

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Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra
"El Bajonazo"
Playing at: Jazz Standard
(116 E. 27th St., Gramercy)
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About a year ago, this Latin jazz ensemble led by Argentine composer and bassist Pedro Giraudo celebrated the release of their album El Viaje with a two-night stint at the Jazz Standard. Since then, the Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra has garnered a good deal of critical acclaim for their South American big band sound. The 13-piece band even graced a few "best of" lists, and this complex, ardent track won the "Latin Jazz Composition of the Year" award from the blog Latin Jazz Corner. Tonight, Giraudo and his orchestra return to the Jazz Standard to play his Argentine take on jazz.

Download Pedro Giraudo Jazz Orchestra's El Viaje at