Poll: Demographic Shift Made Same-Sex Marriage Inevitable in NY

There's an age gap in attitudes about same sex marriage, and the times they are a'changin.'

"I don't want to be crude but look. The older people, people like me, in my age group, who are against this, are going to die before the younger ones. The people coming along, the younger folks, are in favor of gay marriage, and the younger you are the more likely you are to favor it," Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute said.

Carroll conducted the latest poll on attitudes regarding gay marriage among New York voters (from June 20-26), and he came to the conclusion that the state's demographics made passage of legislation inevitable. Results released Tuesday from Quinnipiac show that fifty four percent of New York voters support a law allowing same sex couples to marry, and an overwhelming 70 percent of voters under 35 favor the measure. The only age group opposing the law are voters over 65.

So despite the hemming and hawing in Albany, the people were ready for this to happen. Even though the top brass of the Catholic Church in New York oppose same-sex marriage, the poll shows that Catholics sitting in New York pews are evenly split 48-48 on the issue. White Protestants oppose it 54 to 40 percent and Jews support it 67 to 30 percent.