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NYPD’s New Stop and Frisk Form Allows Checking Reasons for Force (NY Daily News)
A new NYPD stop and frisk from gives officers six options they can check for the reason force was used: Suspect reaching for suspected weapon, suspect flight, defense of self, defense of other, overcome resistance, and an “other” box with space for a narrative. A spokesperson for the New York Civil Liberties Union says she doubts the form will help police better track the reasons for street stops.



Many Immigrants, Gay or Otherwise, See Progress in Marriage Vote (NYT)
Advocates for immigrants and LGBT groups say both demographics share a common fight for civil rights and are celebrating the vote on gay marriage as a step towards equality for all. Gay immigrants may be especially moved by the vote, but their joy is somewhat tamped by the the lack of federal same-sex marriage recognition, which would provide protections for gay immigrants currently only available to those in heterosexual marriages.

Math Museum to Open in Manhattan (NYT)
Geeky and cool. The museum, slated to open in a year, will feature interactive displays designed to make math fascinating and practical and has financial backing from--of course--Google. There are currently zero math museums in the United States.

First Section of East River Waterfront Opens (DNAinfo)
It’s a hit with local dogs. The new two-block park features a dog run and a path to the water, as well as views of the river, South Street Seaport and the Brooklyn Bridge. The new park is just the first section of what will ultimately be the $167 million East River Waterfront project, which will run from the Battery Maritime Building all the way north to Pier 35. The next piece is slated to open later this year

City Plans Street Signs to Lessen Pedestrian Confusion (NYT)
The city is planning a new system of pedestrian street signs, designed to minimize getting lost and encourage more walking. It’s clearly necessary--a recent survey found that one-third of New Yorkers stopped on the street could not confidently say which way was north.

Landmarks to Vote on a Crown Heights Historic District (WSJ)
The Landmarks Preservation Commission will vote today on whether to make 610 buildings in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, historical landmarks. Landmarking has been successful in the neighborhood in the past, but residents in the Crow Hill section of the neighborhood worry that they won’t be as lucky as some other blocks have been.

Cuomo Won’t Say No to 2016 (NY Daily News)
Governor Andrew Cuomo told Albany’s Talk 1300 radio that his recent legislative success has fueled speculation about a presidential run. While Cuomo said talk of a 2016 run was “silly,” when asked if he would rule out a run, the governor said no. Cuomo said he is just focusing on the job he was elected to do-- which is what he said when, as AG, he was asked if he planned to run for governor.

Traffic on MTA Bridges and Tunnels Drops After Toll Hike (NY Post)
The number of cars, trucks and buses crossing toll bridges and tunnels dropped by almost a million vehicles between April 2010 and April 2011, following a $1 increase at most major crossings. The drop in revenue from drivers has left the MTA with a $6.4 million hole in their budget for the first quarter of 2011. Higher than average rains and increased gas prices discouraging drivers may be partly to blame, but the MTA believes the majority of the decrease is due to the fare hike, with drivers finding alternate routes instead.