Opponents of Same Sex Marriage Plan Their Next Moves

Saturday, June 25, 2011


While the West Village erupted in celebration on Friday evening, not everyone was happy abut the passage of the Marriage Equality Act.

The Catholic Bishops of New York issued a joint statement on Friday condemning the vote, saying they were "deeply disappointed and troubled" by the passage of a bill that will "alter radically and forever humanity’s historic understanding of marriage."

"We strongly uphold the Catholic Church’s clear teaching that we always treat our homosexual brothers and sisters with respect, dignity and love. But we just as strongly affirm that marriage is the joining of one man and one woman in a lifelong, loving union that is open to children, ordered for the good of those children and the spouses themselves. This definition cannot change, though we realize that our beliefs about the nature of marriage will continue to be ridiculed, and that some will even now attempt to enact government sanctions against churches and religious organizations that preach these timeless truths."

Bishop of Brooklyn Nicholas DiMarzio called the passage of the bill "mystifying", and said that the bill "deconstructed the single most important institution in human history."

In retaliation, he has called on Catholic Schools to refuse any distinction or honors bestowed on them by the governor or lawmakers who supported the legislation, and is asking that pastors and principals of those schools refrain from inviting any state legislator to speak or be present at any parish or school celebration.

"The above request is intended as a protest of the corrupt political process in New York State," DiMarzio said. "More than half of all New Yorkers oppose this legislation. Yet, the governor and the state legislature have demonized people of faith, whether they be Muslims, Jews, or Christians, and identified them as bigots and prejudiced, and voted in favor of same-sex 'marriage.' It is mystifying that this bill would be passed on the last day of an extended session under the cover of darkness."

Jann Armantrout, Coordinator of Life Issues at the Diocese of Rochester, said she was saddened by the passage of the bill, but not surprised.

"I had hoped critical thinking would have kept the bill from passing. I was pleased to see there were substantial protections for religious institutions, but I remain concerned about individuals who may not agree with this public policy and their execution of their responsibilities as time goes on," Armantrout said.

She cited as an example a judge who may not agree with gay marriage yet might be called to preside over one, or the owner of a venue who does not agree yet might be hired to host such a ceremony.

"There were good protections for religious entities, they did a good job on that, but what was not addressed is individual conscience protection."

She said it is too soon to discuss legal recourse, but that the diocese plans to continue to work on public policy issues.


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William brunken from NYC

It is amazing what the head of a pederast organization will say. Actually 52% of NYers support same-sex marriage.

Jun. 27 2011 10:26 PM

@Veronica - u r wrong - we are not pure soul or pure body, we r embodied soul.

Jun. 27 2011 09:23 AM
veronica from Pennsylvania

Religion is manmade; politics are run by average people such as you and me, not some all knowing beast that guides us. We are all equal and our higher being is without gender. At the deepest level of our spirituality, there are no male or female qualities. Our higher Self has no gender. So our spiritual growth is learning to recognize the truth of our pure essence; the paths of realization do not need to be differentiated between men and women. This is a lot of time spent trying to make sense of an engrained belief system based off of fear, place your trust in your higher self and the valuable experience of your incarnational path (why we are here). The Catholic Church above all should know that we are spirit first and our soul carries NO gender. It is a complete lie to all to say that God is so judgmental. God doesn't say that, the Priest who gives the sermon says that because that is what he is being told by the Diocese and that is what they interpret the bible to say. I do not want to know mans interpretation of the bible I want the true meaning. Those that are afraid, use religion to suit themselves, and gain a feeling of false protection. Don't tell me what they are telling you at Sunday school, tell me how you feel because if we truly listen to our souls we would have the understanding of love and compassion for all because after all WE ARE ONE!!!

Jun. 27 2011 08:50 AM
Joseph R Yungk

Some have become so arrogant as a people, that we now challenge our own constitution that says all men are created equal.

Jun. 27 2011 04:43 AM
prophet A from ANTARCTICA

We have become so arrogant as a people, that we now challenge our creator . we have neither respect nor the fear of God . ban gay union, ban civil gay union , ban gay marriage . Do not vote for any politician who advocates any form of gay union , roll back the gay law in newyork , yes delegalize newyork gay law .
remember sodom and gomorah , pestilence, floods , earthquakes , TSUNAMI , KATRINA

Jun. 27 2011 01:51 AM

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