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Monday, June 27, 2011

Earlier this month, the Global Commission on Drug Policy called the war on drugs a failure. Ethan Nadelmann, founder and director of the Drug Policy Alliance, details the commission’s report and how that might impact U.S. anti-drug policies. Plus, documentary filmmaker Alexandra Pelosi discusses her HBO film on new American citizens; Mother Jones Magazine’s Clara Jeffery on why we’re working harder for less; and Dahlia Lithwick of Slate details the final decisions handed down by the Supreme Court this term.

Your Same-Sex Marriage Proposals

New York State legalized gay marriage on Friday -- are you getting hitched? Call in to propose on-air, or tell us about your proposal over the weekend? Or maybe you're in a gay relationship but aren't rushing into marriage? Give us a call 212.433.WNYC. The phones and comments page are open, tell us your story!

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City Budget

Bob Hennelly, WNYC senior reporter and Erin Einhorn, political reporter for the Daily News, talk about the latest with the New York City budget. Mayor Bloomberg announced late Friday night that he'd reached an agreement to avoid teacher layoffs, but other deep cuts are expected.

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Citizen U.S.A.

Documentary film-maker, Alexandra Pelosi, talks about stopping by naturalization ceremonies in all fifty U.S. states in her new film, and what she learned about our "melting pot."

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Global War on Drugs: Failure?

Founder and director of the Drug Policy Alliance, Ethan Nadelman and César Gaviria president of Colombia from 1990 to 1994 and a commissioner on the Global Commission on Drug Policy, discuss the Global Commission on Drug Policy report and why they say the global war on drugs has failed.

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The Great Speedup

Co-editor of Mother Jones Magazine, Clara Jeffery, looks at how Americans are working harder for less.

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Final Day for SCOTUS

Senior editor at Slate, Dahlia Lithwick, discusses the final opinions to come down from this SCOTUS term. The violent videos games case, the campaign finance case, and more!

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