#3050: New Folk, Old Roots with Jim Moray

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For this New Sounds, English progressive-folk musician Jim Moray performs in our studio.  Moray promises to take us on a folk adventure, riding the wave of the English folk resurgence, via guitar and piano.  Also, listen to re-imagined folk songs from the Imaginary Village collection and Irish repertoire with Afro-Brazilian grooves from James Shipp’s Nós Novo. 

Plus, Rachel Unthank together with her sister Becky, are the Unthanks, whose kaleidoscope of unlikely instruments coupled with unsentimental storytelling forge links between folk worlds old, new and other.  And much more.


PROGRAM # 3050, New Folk, Old Roots with Jim Moray (First aired on Tues., 3/16/10)





The Unthanks

Here’s the Tender Coming

Lucky Gilchrist [4:52]

Rough Trade RTRADCD548 www.roughtraderecords.com

Jim Moray

Sweet England

Lord Bateman [5:21]

Niag Records NIAG Records www.jimmoray.co.uk

Jim Moray

Live, WNYC Studio

Gypsies [3:38]
Dives and Lazarus [4:04]
Jenny of the Moor [4:30]

These performances not commercially available, although “Gypsies” appears on “Sweet England.”

Jim Moray

Sweet England

Early One Morning / Young Collins [4:32]

See above.

James Shipp’s Nos Novo

Strange Sweethearts in America

The Frost is All Over [3:52]

Shipwrite Music

The Unthanks

Here's The Tender Coming

Flowers of the town [3:05]

See above.