Airlines Should Find Alternative to Killing Geese, Activists Say

Airlines should be tasked with finding an alternative to slaughtering geese near the city's airports in order to protect aircraft, activists said Thursday.

A dozen protesters lined up outside City Hall to rally against euthanizing geese, which can create safety hazards for aircraft at area airports. Nearly 1,700 were gassed last year, and the city has not said how many will be collected this summer.

"The onus should be on the airline industry to figure out solutions if this is an issue for them, and to make their planes more durable," said protest organizer Cathryn Swan.

The city authorized the USDA to eradicate geese found within seven miles of JKF and LaGuardia airports after a flock of geese got sucked into the engines of U.S. Airways Flight 1549 and forced it to land on the Hudson River.

Carol Bannerman, a USDA spokesperson, said the organization is testing ways to keep geese away from airplanes by making aircraft more visible to geese in flight.