#3219: Reworking the Renaissance

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Composer Charles Wuorinen

We’ll hear the re-shaping and reworking of centuries-old music on this New Sounds.  From New York composer Charles Wuorinen, we’ll hear some of his very early works (from 1962) - pieces recomposed and reworked from a German cathedral Songbook – three of the six of his “Bearbeitungen uber das Glogauer Liederbuch.” 

Also, listen to some recasting and re-composing of music by composer Guillaume Dufay (1397-1474) by both German composer Isabel Mundry and UK composer Ambrose Field.  Field, on his record, "Being Dufay," takes some of the vocal fragments by the Flemish master, and re-shapes them into fuller works, using tenor John Potter’s voice and electronics.  Plus, music by Nico Muhly which takes as its starting point a madrigal by English composer and organist Thomas Weelkes (1573-1623.)

PROGRAM #3219, Reworking the Renaissance  (First aired on 6/23/11)                                                       





Speculum Musicae

Wuorinen: String Trio; Bearbeitungen ueber das Glogauer Liederbuch; Grand Bamboula, 1975

Charles Wuorinen: Bearbeitungen uber das Glogauer Liederbuch, “Pauli De Broda Carmen + Dy Ezels Crone”  [1:41]

Nonesuch 71319 LP, out of print. Reissued by Music & Arts MACD4800

Ensemble Recherche

Isabel Mundry: Dufay-Bearbeitungen; Traces des Moments; Sandschleifen

Isabel Mundry:Dufay-Bearbeitungen
I. Pour ce que veoir je ne puis [3:34]

Kairos [1264] / Naxos

Available for download at eMusic.com www.emusic.com

Ambrose Field,  John Potter

Being Dufay

Je Vous Pri  [7:47]

ECM 2071

Aurora Orchestra

Seeing is Believing

Nico Muhly : Miserere mei, Deus [3:25]

Decca 4782731

Ensemble P.A.N.

The Island of St. Hylarion

Tousjours [3:01]

New Albion #038

Ensemble Recherche


Isabel Mundry : Dufay-Bearbeitungen
V. Ce jour de l'an voudray joye mener [3:12]

See above.

Speculum Musicae

Wuorinen: String Trio; Bearbeitungen ueber das Glogauer Liederbuch; Grand Bamboula, 1975

Bearbeitungen uber das Glogauer Liederbuch: Helas de bon temps (Johannes Tinctoris) [1:15]
Gross Ssenen [:58]

See above.

Various: Carl Orff

Klassix For Kidz (Disk 2)

Schulwerk excerpts – Gassenhauer [3:05]

Kuckuck #12102
Available at Amazon.com*

David Rothenberg, Graeme Boone and Glen Velez

On The Cliffs Of The Heart

Guillaume de Machaut : In My Heart There Is A Discord [4:09]

New Tone 6744 www.felmay.it
Out of print.
Only available as a download.  See eMusic or iTunes.

Various: Ensemble Bulgarka Jr

Palestrina: Missa Primi Domi

Christe eleison, excerpt [1:00]

Celluloid / Ballon Noir/Lambarena 66951
Out of print, but see www.ivanlantos.com for info

Ambrose Field,  John Potter

Being Dufay

 Je me complains [6:20]

See above.

Nico Muhly


Wonders, Part I [5:56]

Brassland #018**