City's Taxi Legislation Hitting Road Blocks in the State Senate

The city's so-called 5 Borough Taxi Plan that would legalize street hails throughout the city may have to undergo some serious re-working in order to pass the state Senate, according to Senator Martin Golden's chief of staff, Gerry Kassar.

Kassar and others close to the negotiations say stakeholders in the taxi industry have raised many concerns. Among the items at issue:

  • Whether the 50 cent MTA surcharge would apply to the specially permitted livery cars
  • If livery vehicles that accept street hails would create higher insurance costs and jeopardize the reliability of pre-arranged service
  • Whether the city is properly equipped to enforce any new rules
  • If the area in Upper Manhattan where livery street hails would be legal could be reduced to 125th Street on the east side and 157th on the west

Golden and other key lawmakers are continuing to negotiate with the city. If the bill is re-written, it would have to be voted on again in the Assembly, which passed the measure on Tuesday.