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A. M. Homes on Family and Sexuality

Provocative author A.M. Homes says she has book-envy....but only of male authors.

From this 2009 session of BAM's Eat, Drink & Be Literary series, Homes read an abbreviated version of her story May We Be Forgiven.

The writer, who's described herself as bisexual, also explained the gender divide in the writing world to fellow author Aoibheann Sweeney.

Stream and download the talk here for free.

(Audio presentation courtesy of the National Book Foundation)



Bon Mots

On Motherhood: "I am a mother now and that's supposed to make me very interested in mothers but it doesn't. And people ask when I'm going to write about my daughter... I don't know her well enough."

On Reading: "I think men read male writers, and I think women read everybody."

On Women Writers: "There's not that many contemporary women writers that I wish I could write their books."