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Two Men Suing NYPD Over Taxi/Livery Robbery Inspection Program (NYT)
Taxis and livery cars with a sticker indicating they’re part of the Taxi/Livery Robbery Inspection Program, invite police officers to stop the car and check on the driver’s safety. Two male passengers who were stopped say the sticker doesn’t give officers the right to search their persons without probable cause. The police department denies the allegations of improper search and say the men consented to a search by getting into a car with the sticker.   


Sources: Gov. Cuomo Eyes Sept. 13 Special Election for Weiner’s Seat (NBC New York)
Sources tell NBC New York that Gov. Cuomo is likely to call a special election to fill Weiner’s now empty congressional seat. Those said to be considering a run include Democratic state Assemblyman Rory Lancman, Republican City Councilman Eric Ulrich, Democratic Councilman Mark Weprin, former Democratic Councilman Eric Gioia, former Democratic Councilwoman Melinda Katz and Democratic Assemblyman David Weprin.

Reverse Great Migration: African Americans in NYC Moving to the South (NYT)
Of the African Americans who’ve moved from the North to the South, some 17 percent were from New York City. Many say they’re returning to the area their families fled just a few generations ago because of a lack economic opportunities here in New York. The migration is mostly led by the young, educated and middle class. And many are from the once thriving, now struggling neighborhoods of St. Albans and Jamaica, Queens. One expert says, “New York has lost some of its cachet for black people … During the Great Migration, blacks went north because you could find work if you were willing to hustle. But today, there is less of a struggle to survive in the South than in New York. Many blacks also have emotional and spiritual roots in the South. It is like returning home.”

Mayor Bloomberg Takes Advantage of Taxi Industry’s Lack of Influence in Albany (NYT)
Repeatedly stymied by its attempts to pass a Five Borough Taxi Plan in the City Council, the Bloomberg Administration instead turned to state legislators for help. While the Taxi Industry is notoriously powerful in the city, donating thousands to various city councilmembers, they don’t have the same clout in Albany. The state Senate is set to vote on a plan that would make it legal for livery cars to pick up street hails in Upper Manhattan and the outer boroughs.

NJ Physicians Group Sues Over Federal Health Care Law (Star-Ledger)
New Jersey Physicians Inc. argue the federal health care law is unconstitutional because it requires citizens to purchase health care insurance. Today’s oral arguments will take place before a three-judge federal appeals panel.

NJ Childcare Centers Would Lose $30 M Under Christie Budget Plan (Star-Ledger)
State subsidized childcare centers say it would be harder for them to stay open under Gov. Chris Christie’s budget plan. The plan would prompt higher co-pays and rates and stricter requirements for parents to prove they’re working -- a problem for undocumented workers.

Diaz Family Values (Village Voice)
Three generations of the Diaz clan are profiled this week in the Village Voice. We have the virulently anti-gay pastor and state Senator Ruben Diaz Sr., his son Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr.--who flip-flopped on gay marriage, first supporting the issue, then voting against it while he was an Assemblyman in 2009--and senior’s granddaughter, openly gay Erica Diaz.

Children’s Museum of Manhattan Reports Record Attendance (Crain’s)
As other museums struggle to attract visitors, attendance at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan surged to 400,000 in fiscal year 2010. That’s 10 percent higher than its previous peak of 365,000 in fiscal year 2009. Reporter Jermaine Taylor describes the phenomenon as a “dramatic surge in demand for CMOM’s kid-centric programming.”

A Fake Placard Gets the Daily News Free Parking (NY Daily News)
Working with the advocacy group Transportation Alternatives, the Daily News created a fake parking placard and left a car parked illegally near City Hall, Brooklyn’s Borough Hall, and Times Square. Guess what? They didn’t get a ticket. Some cops looked at the placard and moved on. It seems they had a lot of respect for the fake New York State Numismatic Agency and its official seal, which is actually the Bulgarian coat of arms.
NYC’s Top 50 Power Gays (Observer
Included on the list this year are New Yorker writer Ariel Levy, Senior VP at Merrill Lynch Daniel Cochran, playwrights Tony Kushner and Larry Kramer and U.S. District Court Judge Deborah Batts. City Council Speaker Christine Quinn tops the list.

Beer & Wine Service at Bryant Park Movie Series Nixed (DNAinfo)
After getting support from Community Board 5, it seemed like the park was on its way to openly acknowledging what’s always been going on--park goers at the event boozing it up under the stars. But the event’s partners started having reservations about the plan. The board says they’ll try to have bar service in time for next summer’s series.