Being Detained in China: Ai Weiwei and Others

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The AP is reporting that outspoken artist Ai Weiwei has been freed on bail by Chinese activists. Josh Markel, artist and organizer of a vigil tomorrow for Weiwei, and Phelim Kine, Asia researcher at Human Rights Watch, discuss his work and imprisonment, and the overall spike in detentions in China.


Phelim Kine and Josh Markel

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gary from Queens

His billions of dollars were earned by his father. That means his early diplomatic appointments were earned by his father. There are too many self-made men and women Republican candidates for voters to be impressed with him. He gave up influential elected office (governor of Utah) to hitch his wagon to the Obama Administration, accepting Obama's offer to be American ambassador to China. If he gets into the race, Republicans will rightly ask why he didn't resign in protest in 2009 when Hilary announced to China (and the world) that human rights will take a back seat to China's economic development (i.e. trade and investment in the U.S.), or after Obama snubbed Israeli PM Netanyahu and consistently undercut his negotiating leverage. Plus the betrayal of our other allies, like the UK over the Falkland Islands. All reasons why the liberal media can't stop talking about him as a promising candidate. In case he claims he privately opposed Obama's foreign policy, there are private letters that have come to light in which Huntsman praised Obama's policies to the heavens. In fact, since he supports Obamacare and Cap & Trade, and other Obama domestic policies, most people can't figure out why he wants to run against Obama.

Jun. 22 2011 12:03 PM
Mr. Bad from IL

I love how Kine describes the behavior of the Chinese government as "abducting" (as opposed to arresting) and holding without trial, or pretrial rights, hearing, etc. The best line was about the "politicized" judiciary. This is precisely what the American Government has been doing to "enemies of the state" since the 9/11 era began. What a joke, this is more China bashing propaganda - read how our "independent" judiciary and its "American Values" (Huntsman) treats citizens:

Jun. 22 2011 11:56 AM

So China also uses "Extraordinary rendition." I thought only the US did.

Jun. 22 2011 11:51 AM

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