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Cast of 'Sister Act' Prepares to Perform at Obama Fundraiser

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President Barack Obama comes to New York City Thursday evening to do some fundraising. In addition to appearing at an LBGT gala hosted by actor Neil Patrick Harris, the president will stop by the Broadway Theater at 1681 Broadway at 53rd St. and speak after a full performance of "Sister Act," according to an Obama campaign official. Proceeds from the show will go towards the president's 2012 campaign.

One of the musical's producers, Whoopi Goldberg, is a strident supporter of Obama's and will host the event. Tickets for the fundraiser, which has been described by the campaign as a "low-dollar fundraiser," started at $100, and are sold out.

Patina Miller, who plays the lead, Deloris Van Cartier, in "Sister Act," was thrilled that the president had chosen her production for a fundraising event.

"I said, 'I made my Broadway debut, I'm nominated for a Tony, and now I'm performing for the president?'" Miller said at the Tony Awards, adding she just couldn't wait to meet the president. "It's pretty amazing."

Bill Steinkellner, one of the authors of the book behind "Sister Act," said he didn't know the president was a fan of Broadway.

"I know his wife and daughters are very big musical comedy fans," he said. "Don't know that he's such a musical comedy fan -- I think he once said disparaging things against 'Oklahoma.' But, I think it's going to be hilarious. I think it'll be wonderful. You know, maybe I'll get to shake his hand afterwards."

The composer of the score for "Sister Act," Alan Menken, hoped he would get to meet President Obama at the show but said that he might be in Seattle, Washington rehearsing the musical "Aladdin."