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Amy Eddings' Food for Thought: Blender Wars

For the next 21 days, juice will be my breakfast and dinner. It's part of a detox program called Clean that I've taken a shine to.

It's given me an excuse to buy a juicer -- it's on its way -- and a new blender for the soups and smoothies I'll be making. I bought a KitchenAid. Or, more precisely, a KitchenAid KSB560ER 5-speed blender with polycarbonate jar in Empire Red. Whew! Just the name puts my plain beige Osterizer (official name and model number unknown) to shame.

My Osterizer has done well by me, at least for the times I've hauled it out from under the counter to use it. I primarily need it to quickly liquefy whole, Italian plum tomatoes for my favorite tomato sauce recipe. I've never really put it to the test, but something told me that my blender -- picked up for free from a friend in 1999 -- wouldn't do well with ice and fresh pineapple chunks and fresh mangoes, which was my smoothie recipe of the day.

I put them both through their paces. The KitchenAid made quick work of the fruit and ice, and the smoothie was smooth and creamy. I was surprised at the Osterizer. It crunched through the ice and the pineapple chunks. I began to think I underestimated it -- that I had engaged in "appliance ageism." But then I poured it into the glass, and little bits of ice were still there, bobbing in the yellow froth.

Still, my old Osterizer works. It's serviceable. I hate to throw something out that is perfectly good, but just not perfect. But my cabinet space is limited, and I've fallen in love with the New Kid On The Block. In Empire Red.

If you want my old blender -- free! -- send me an e-mail at We'll work something out.