Artists: Help Draw The "New Littles" New Map

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Over the course of our New Littles project, we've identified some of New York's overlooked ethnic communities. Now, we want artists and illustrators to draw a new neighborhood map. Our favorites will be featured on the WNYC website and on-air during the Brian Lehrer Show. Upload your artwork directly below, or post a link in the comments page. Deadline for submission is Monday, July 11th. Here are some of the neighborhoods you may want to include (though you can obviously include others you know about):

»» Little Colombia in Jackson Heights, Queens (See Map | Listener Tip!)

»» Little Italy in Astoria, Queens (See Map | Listener TipOn Air!)

»» Little Ecuador in Elmhurst and Corona, Queens (See Map | On Air!)

»» Little Pakistan in Coney Island, Brooklyn (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Guyana in Richmond Hill, Queens (See Map | Listener TipOn Air!)

»» Little Thailand in Elmhurst, Queens (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Panama in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Albania in Staten Island (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Haiti in Canarsie, Brooklyn (See Map Listener Tip!)

»» Little Germany in Glendale, Queens (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Senegal in Highbridge, Bronx or Fort Greene, Brooklyn (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Tibet in Woodside, Queens (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Turkey in East 40s, Manhattan (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Brazil in Astoria, Queens (Listener Tip!)

»» Little Liberia in Staten Island (Listener TipOn Air!)

»» Little Uzbekistan in Ocean Parkway, Brooklyn (Listener TipOn Air!)


  • Start by playing around with our interactive New Littles google map.
  • Draw the map however you'd like.
  • Depict the whole city, or just one borough or neighborhood.
  • Call your neighborhood whatever you'd like. Prefer "Little Bogota" to "Little Colombia"? That's fine. Just make sure your name matches with the information we're gathering in our project.
  • Include whichever "littles" you want.
  • Not sure how to depict a particular neighborhood or country of origin? Share your ideas in the comments section.

Need inspiration? Here's a slideshow of some illustrated maps.

USA Roadside Attractions Map (Full Size)

( linzie )

The New Yorker's 2001 "New Yorkistan" cover by Maira Kalman and Rick Meyerowitz (More Info)

New York State Cartoon Map by Kevin Middletown (Full Size)

Brooklyn Neighborhood Map from Mappery (Full Size)

( Mappery )

Manhattan Tourist Map from Mappery (Full Size)

Cartoon 1950's Embroidered Map (Full Size)

( nycscout )