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Private School Tuition Now More Expensive Than Ivy League Tuition (WSJ)
Tuition at the Riverdale Country School has reached $40,450 for incoming students. Tuition at Princeton is $37,000; at Harvard, it’s $34,976. This is the first time tuition at a New York private school has reached this level. Many worry that more parents won’t be able to enroll their children at these elite institutions; only about 19.9 percent of them offer financial assistance.

Violent Weekend Ends With 7 Dead; Nearly Two Dozen Others Wounded (WSJ)
Four people were shot and killed in a Long Island pharmacy this weekend in what police are calling a botched robbery attempt. Among the victims was 18-year-old Jennifer Mejia, who was just days away from her high school graduation. Another worker and two other customers were also killed. House and block parties were the sites of several separate shootings in the outer boroughs. One man was killed and several others wounded at a party in East New York and another man was killed at a Brownsville barbecue. And in Marine Park, three teenagers were injured when a man allegedly started shooting at them because they were making too much noise on his stoop. A man was also shot and killed in East New York outside a deli.

Some East Village Residents Will Pay $10 For New Apartment (NY Post)
Residents of two buildings on the corner of East 1st street and Second Avenue, will be able to buy new apartments for $10 in the luxury building that will replace it. The site is also the home of the Mars Bar. The building will be built as part of the city’s Inclusionary Housing Program, which establishes zoning areas where developers can build larger apartment buildings in exchange for accommodating low- or moderate-income people.

Speaker Quinn Pressuring Walmart to Buy Local Produce (NY Daily News)
City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has been a vocal opponent of Walmart’s efforts to open in New York City, but now she’s pushing for them to buy local produce. They’ve already agreed to buy 5 percent from Hunts Point, but she’s pushing for more. She says the deal wouldn’t be the only thing to convince her to give the company her support.

NYPD Hearing Aid Ban Forces Out Some Veterans (NYT)
Two police officers, forced to retire after a hearing aid crackdown, have filed a complaint with the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, saying the ban on hearing aids is discriminatory. When applying for a position with the force, candidates must pass a hearing exam, but the policy is less clear if you experience hearing loss on the job. Spokesman Paul Browne denies there’s a “crackdown” on those with hearing aids, but says if someone says he or she  needs one, it could lead to an early disability retirement.

Mayor Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo Reportedly Don’t Like Each Other (NY Post)
The two disagree about the state budget (which Bloomberg called an “outrage”), last-in, first-out, or how to reform the public pension program. Sources tell the Post, the two “don’t personally get along” and that  Mayor Bloomberg intentionally left the governor’s office out of planning for the Sept. 11 anniversary.

Rent Protections Deal From Albany Coming Soon (NY Post)
Sources tell the Post the plan would raise the rent threshold at which units could go market rate from $2,000 to $2,500 and boost the annual income for tenants living in rent regulated apartments from $175,000 to $200,000. In order to get both sides to agree, Cuomo threatened to keep lawmakers past the end of the legislative session and said he would transfer rent regulations power to the City Council.

Backlog of Cases Gives a Reprieve on Foreclosures (NYT)
New York and New Jersey are near the top the list when it comes to the number of years it would take lenders to repossess all the homes that have gone into foreclosure. For New York, it’s 62 years. For New Jersey, it’s 49 years.

Giant Floating Pool Proposed for East River (Brooklyn Eagle)
Designers have released the plans for a giant, cross-shaped pool they want to float in the East River not far from the Brooklyn Bridge. They’ve started a Kickstarter for the project, called +Pool. It’s not just a tub of chlorinated water on the river. The +Pool would actually filter the river water, and according to the designers, change the way people experience the city.

Make the Roads Safe for All (NY Daily News)
In a Be Our Guest column, Mary Beth Kelly makes a passionate plea in favor of the city’s bike lanes, which she says are making the roads safer for riders. Her husband was killed five years ago when a truck threw him from his bicycle when the couple was out for a ride.