#2934: Post-Jazz

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What do you get when you infuse driving rock rhythms and cover songs, along with folk traditions of several countries together and put it in the hands and horns of jazz players?  Well, for this New Sounds, we'll call it "post-jazz."  Folks like The Bad Plus make this music, having fun by covering songs by Yes or Rush, and upping the fun quotient even more by doing arrangements of songs by Ligeti and Stravinsky. 

Then there's the Tiptons Sax Quartet who have incorporated Balkan music and Italian folk song rhythms into what they're doing.  Also, from the UK, as if to answer The Bad Plus, there's the Neil Cowley Trio, bringing "prog" into the conversation as well.  We'll hear from all these bands, along with something from the Matthew Shipp Trio and more.

PROGRAM # 2934 Post-Jazz (First aired on Thurs. 5/7/09)





The Bad Plus + Wendy Lewis

For all I care

Babbitt: Semi-Simple Variations, excerpt [1:30]
Ligeti: Fem (Etude No. 8) [3:30]
Wilco: Radio Cure [6:30]

Heads Up 3148

Neil Cowley Trio

Loud Louder Stop

Dinosaur Die [6:00]

Cake Music CACD 78551

The Bad Plus


1979 Semi-finalist [5:00]

Sony 58331 shop.myplay.com

Matthew Shipp

Harmonic Disorder

Mel Chi 2 [2:00] Quantum Waves [5:00]

Thirsty Ear 57187

The Tiptons Sax Quartet

Laws of Motion

Sind’ [3:00]

Tiptons Sax Quartet, no. # www.tiptonssaxquartet.com

Colin Stetson

New History Warfare Volume 1

As a Bird or Branch [4:00]

Aagoo Records 06

The Tiptons Sax Quartet

Laws of Motion

Marjan [5:00]

See above.

Neil Cowley Trio

Loud Louder Stop

Synaesthesia Traffic, excerpt [2:00]

See above.