What Does the Future of Al-Qaida Look Like?

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Following this week's news of Fazul Abdullah Mohammed's death and the coronation of Zawahiri, what does the future of al-Qaida look like?; the Greek Economy's impact on world markets; in honor of Father's Day, a round-up of listener-submitted best and worst advice from dads and nominations for best fictional fathers; after Weiner, will special education be a referendum on Obama?; scientists have developed a new brain implant that could restore memory loss; the Takeaway movie date podcasters discuss this weekend's new releases: "Green Lantern," "Mr. Popper's Penguins," and "Tree of Life;" Obama and Boehner to tee up for the first golf summit; Saudi women fight for their right to drive; Patrick Kennedy talks life after politics and how his father, the late Sen. Ted Kennedy, inspired him.