Workers Protest Starbucks' Plan to Stop Buying Milk From Elmhurst Dairy

Employees at Queens-based Elmhurst Dairy joined local officials in front of City Hall Wednesday to protest Starbucks' plan to stop buying milk from Elmhurst Dairy in Jamaica, Queens, the only dairy plant left in the city.

"It's pretty hard to watch all of the business leave New York like it's been doing over the years," said worker Dan Leonardi, who has worked at Elmhurst dairy for 30 years. "I just hope that everybody can pull together and salvage this for us here. This is the last place standing here."

Starbucks said it chose to work with a new dairy upstate after Elmhurst declined to bid for a contract. The coffee company also cites figures from an on-going lawsuit filed by Elmhurst protesting the decision that no New York City jobs will be lost.