Underreported: What the WikiLeaks Cables Reveal about Haiti

Thursday, June 16, 2011

On this week’s Underreported, Dan Coughlin, reporter for The Nation magazine, Kim Ives, editor for Haiti Liberté, discuss what the WikiLeaks cables reveal about American diplomatic attitudes toward Haiti – both before and after the devasting earthquake there in 2010. A new series of reports about the 1,918 cables that relate to Haiti is being published in a partnership between The Nation and the Haiti Liberté newspaper.


Dan Coughlin and Kim Ives

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j gray from Australia

Damn your brother.. look at whats going on here. Its disgusting. Absolutly profoundly outrageous.. this totally eclipses ANYTHING your brother was up to.

Nov. 26 2013 12:05 PM
J H Blaise

To JR from UWS, NYC
Dear JR,
I feel touched by your comment and I want to tell you that the common Haitian men and women in the streets, the suffering millions of Haitians, people like me who could see what your brother did, will be forever be grateful. Only the US Armed Forces (Army, Navy, etc...) have the capabilities, the logistics, and the expertise to make the airport and the port of Port-au-Prince operable just after the earthquake. Because of the efforts and sacrifices of Americans like your brother, thousands of lives were saved. It is true! Tell him the Haitian people will forever remember and the time will come when we will have a government to recognize and honour people like him.
On the other side, the exploitation of the sacrifices of people like your brother by American politicians and businessmen in favour of cronies and marionettes in Haiti have indeed eclipsed what the well intentioned citizens of America, like your brother, may have done. There was no need to send combat troops in Haiti after the earthquake, you know that. But American politicians, some of them still racists believed (they do!) that Haitians are slaves and savages who were going to loot and destroy their factories in Haiti, therefore they had to combat troops - some en route to Afghanistan- to fight and kill Haitians. And this is the truth. Today Wikileaks papers are exposing the reasons and the facts behind American involvement in Haiti. No humanitarain affair there!
Peace to you and your brother!

Jun. 18 2011 10:24 AM
JR from UWS, NYC

Great piece, but you are leaving one thing out.

All of the humanitarian aid, including your guest, landed at the airport because our Air Force Special Forces were the only ones qualified and able to run the airport within hours of the earthquake. Without even an air traffic control tower and operating from *a folding table*, they landed more humanitarian planes per hour (many times over) than the airport was able to land pre-quake, delivering millions of pounds of humanitarian aid with zero mishaps.

I am not in favor of any other types of occupation-- not even to "control [alleged] chaos"-- but please acknowledge that there was an imminent need to land planes that only the American military could fulfill.

Full disclosure: this is personal to me. Immediately after the quake, my brother was called from his home in North Carolina, and left his wife and family for an indefinite time, to live next to the active runway in a tent, on little sleep and no showers for weeks, to command the US Air Traffic Control Team that ran the Port-au-Prince airport.

Jun. 16 2011 02:28 PM

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