Gay Marriage, Rent Laws, and Other Albany Deadlines

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Governor Cuomo has officially submitted a gay marriage bill, and WNYC Reporter Ailsa Chang is in Albany counting the votes. Casey Seiler, state editor for the Albany Times Union, also checks in to discuss the looming deadline for rent regulations, which expire at midnight tonight.


Ailsa Chang and Casey Seiler

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Alisa Chang repeated the commonly believed falsehood that the lieutenant governor can only break a senate tie in procedural votes. The Article IV, section 6 of the NYS Constitution says, "The lieutenant-governor shall be the president of the senate but shall have only a casting vote therein." The Constitution stipulates no limitations to the casting vote of the lieutenant governor. This is a simple matter to check, so WHY do reporters keep getting it wrong?

Here, youcan read Article IV, Section 6 yourself:

Jun. 16 2011 11:55 PM
Ann Morgan from Chelsea?

Yesterday the screener walked me to this site and I wrote the comment that I was encouraged to pass along. But, I am a 1st time user & don't know why my comment about a harassing chelsea landlord is not here. What happened to it?

Jun. 16 2011 11:57 AM
coolbern from Upper West Side

My fear is that the historic push for gay marriage will be used by Cuomo as a cover for not using his political capital to shore up the rent regulation law. Unless the threshold is lifted for "luxury" decontrol, from $2,000 to $3,000/month, we are likely to see at least some married but homeless gay couples, whose rent is now between $2,000 and $3,000/month. With marriage, many will now have a joint household income above the $175,000 cap. That would remove them from rent regulation, and end their ability to live together in the city.

Jun. 15 2011 11:35 AM
ann morgan from from work

I live in a Chelsea tenament (35 yrs) & my landlord is probably holding his breath and waiting for something in his favor. He failed to evict me once before but did NOT send a renewal lease (expiration: 4/31) & came to unit to 1st bribe & 2nd threaten my room-mate of 3 yrs (have shared above-board for 20 yrs). I suspect he will send lease if tenants win and not if things are favorable to landlords. It was a 9 unit bldg. and he is systematically taking on the last 2 or 3 of us stabilized folk. I'm holding my breath too.

Jun. 15 2011 11:34 AM
Brian from greenpoint

I don't get why a state "tax cap" is so popular with so-called "conservatives". Why should localities, presumably closest and most responsive to voters have their hands tied by a mandate from the central (state) government. What's conservative about that?

Jun. 15 2011 11:29 AM
Brian from Hoboken

Hopefully we are close to equality. I always thought that this issue would have been easier to succeed if the pro-gay marriage supporters stopped using the word marriage. "Marriage" is a loaded word that means different things to to different people. To an atheist like me, it means officially becoming mated to my wife in public
And and legally. To others it's a sacrement in the church. I never thought and dont think that most supporters would demand to be married in a church. Who wants o go where you are not welcome anyway?
So the religious carve outs are fine with me, but if an institution refuses to recognize a basic human right like marriage, than they should lose their tax exempt status. You recognize te law of the land or you dot get the benefits (since my tax dollars subsidize the tax exempt churches).

Jun. 15 2011 11:27 AM
Leo in Staten Island

Why not pass the bill with Greg Ball's language? If that's what it takes to get it through... Make it severable. It'll get struck down in the courts and we'll still have marriage equality. And in the meantime, business that do accept gay couples will make a killing.

Jun. 15 2011 11:27 AM
bob from Manhattan

please clarify -- i thought rent control did not exist only rent stabilization

Jun. 15 2011 11:23 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Government shouldn't be in the business of "marrying" people in the first place. If people want to live together, that's not the government's business. Marriage should be the province of the Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, etc.

But since I am personally against marriage altogether, it being an obsolescent relic of the past, and believing it be in it's death throes anyway, "gay marriage" should put the final nail into that coffin called "civil marriage" once and for all. Inshallah! :)

Jun. 15 2011 11:08 AM
Kim Dobson from northern Bergen County

Regarding churches being able to opt out of marrying gay couples: as an Elder at a mainstream Presbyterian church in northern Bergen County, I can tell you that churches have the final say over ANY couple they choose to marry. In the Presbyterian tradition, the couple contacts the church and requests the privilege. The request is sent to the Session (the ruling board, composed of Elders elected by the congregation). The Session says either yes or no, and that is that. It doesn't matter if the couple is mixed race, mixed religion, mixed gender, or not mixed at all -- if there's a reason that the church (as represented by the Session) doesn't feel they should marry the couple, they don't have to.
The same goes for use of church facilities. Churches already have the right to refuse a group for whatever reason or whatever use.
This "religious institutions have the right of refusal" is just another obnoxious red flag in the faces of those who don't want gays to marry anyway.

Jun. 15 2011 10:26 AM

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