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U.S. Attorney Tells City Comptroller to Stop Talking About CityTime (NYT)
John Liu has often been accused (usually by Mayor Bloomberg) of using his office and its power to criticize the current administration to lay the groundwork for a future mayoral campaign. Now U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’s letter asking the comptroller to stop issuing statements on the ongoing CityTime investigation lends credence to this view. The investigation--where city contractors are accused of stealing some $80 million from the city--has embarrassed Mayor Bloomberg.


Comptroller Rejects Contract from Company with Connections to Joel Klein (NY Daily News)
Wireless Generation, now owned by News Corp. is overseen by former Schools Chancellor Joel Klein. The $2.7 million contract was approved when Klein was at the education department. Now Liu says he’s rejecting the contract because Klein didn’t properly recuse himself from involvement in the deal. The Education Department is rejecting that reasoning. They say Liu’s order won’t stand because he didn’t reject it on proper legal grounds.

Pakistan Arrests CIA Informants Who Helped Find Osama (NYT)
It’s unknown why the five were arrested in the first place. U.S. officials say the men are in custody and their fate is “unclear.” This is the latest blow to the relationship between Pakistan and the U.S., which many experts agree started to deteriorate when a CIA officer shot and killed two Pakistani men last year. The men did things like copy down license plate numbers of cars entering bin Laden’s compound. Pakistani officials say the Times report that one of the arrested men was an Army major is “baseless.”

Editorial: State Lawmakers Must Pass Anti-Domestic Violence Bills (NYT)
With less than a week to go, the Times editorial board is advocating the passage of two laws designed to prevent domestic violence. The first one--introduced on behalf of Manhattan D.A. Cyrus Vance--would make more than two misdemeanor domestic violence offenses in the last five years a felony. The other would prevent those with DV violations in their records from buying guns.

City Slashes Main Revenue to Brooklyn Bridge Park (Brooklyn Paper)
One Brooklyn Bridge Park was supposed to be paying $3 million annually for the park, but the Department of Finance recently reduced that amount to $2 million.

Lenny’s Settles Labor Charges for $5.1 million (Crains)
Officials are calling the settlement the largest in the Department of Labor’s 110-year-history. The deal covers wage and overtime violations over a six-year period beginning in 2002.

Governor Chris Christie’s Statement on Newark Graduation Rate: False (Star-Ledger)
Politifact New Jersey--a partnership between the Star-Ledger and Politifact--has fact-checked Christie’s statement that a student entering high school in Newark has a 29 percent chance of graduating and determined that it’s not true. It’s actually...lower. There are several different ways of calculating graduation rates, but Politifact says the real rate is about 25.8 percent.

CB1 Members Seek Resident Inclusion in 9/11 Ceremony (Tribeca Tribune)
At the 9/11 memorial, one night per month will be reserved for residents who live below Canal Street.
Memorial president Joe Daniels has announced plans for “community nights” and similar privileges for first responders.

WSJ’s Greater NY Section Draws Advertisers, Not Readers (Advertising Age)
Revenue for the section is up 100 percent since it debuted a year ago to compete with the New York Times for advertising dollars, but the Journal’s print subscriptions fell 3.5 percent in the city during that period. The paper would not say how many of its online subscribers come from the New York City area. A spokesperson said that readers have responded positively to the new section.

“Crusty Punks” Avoid NYC During Annual Migration (NYT)
These young hobos--predominately dreaded, tattooed and unwashed--can usually be seen in Tompkins Square Park this time of year, but this spring, they’re nowhere to be found. Many point to the NYPD’s stepped-up enforcement of open container laws and summonses for lying on benches. You can see photos of Crusty Punks of years past here.

Popular LES Skate Park Previews Renovation Plan (DNAinfo)
For a while the park--located underneath the Manhattan Bridge--was known for being in the best location, but being the worst skate park. But its dirty, cracking surface will be repaved and more routes would be created to connect to the surrounding area.