Gay Marriage by the New York Numbers

All of a sudden it looks like Albany might actually pass a gay marriage bill, maybe. Ever wondered how many same sex couples lived in the state, or how many out-of-state couples would feed New York's economy if they got married here? Maybe you're just curious how much a wedding costs in the Big Apple (hint: it's cheaper to elope). Whatever happens in the legislature this week, here's a look at gay marriage by the numbers.


The number of Queens constituents who wrote to until-recently-undecided Democratic State Senator Joseph Addabbo in support of gay marriage. Addabbo claims he received 6,015 calls and letters on the issue total. He now says he'll vote yes.


Fellow former undecided Democratic Senator Shirley Huntley's estimation for gay marriage support in her district. After voting against gay marriage in 2009, she said she will vote yes.

$210 million

The estimated amount of money New York state's economy would pick up in the three years following gay marriage legalization, according to former NYC Comptroller Bill Thompson. (Thompson originally estimated a $184 million pickup in a 2007 report, but increased his estimate via press release in 2009.)


The estimated number of gay couples who would travel from out-of-state to get married in New York in the three years following gay marriage legislation, according to the same 2007 report from Comptroller Thompson.


The estimated number of gay couples living in the state in 2005.


The percentage of New Yorkers in favor of gay marriage, according to an April Siena poll.


The number of Republicans who would have needed to vote 'yes' on gay marriage for it to pass.


The number who did.


The last year a gay marriage bill came up for a vote in the New York legislature.


The average cost of a wedding in New York state, again according to Comptroller Thompson's 2007 report. (It jumps to $37,000 in NYC.)