Hip Hop Dedication

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A lot of teenagers want to make it big as artists--whether acting in movies, singing ballads on American Idol, or making it in the hip hop world. That's what Radio Rookie Jimmy Musa dreams of -- and he thinks he's found a way to get an edge over everyone else.

Here's an excerpt from his story:

I found my hip hop group P.E.M.G. through Desmond Isler, aka 1228 DaGreat.  We used to rap together while waiting for the bus at the Staten Island Ferry.  Des and I bonded because we both take pride in being our own person.  Like me, I'm a mama's boy, til this day I still call her whenever I'm going or coming from somewhere.  And Des?  He's a church boy.  He made his own style by always wearing a shirt, tie and a blazer to school.  P.E.M.G is also a youth mentoring program for good kids, kids in the middle like me--not a scholar, but definitely not a troublemaker.  It wasn't until we joined P.E.M.G that we realized how potent being a good kid can be.

Des caught on quick, "So many like young rappers just think they're going to write a rhyme and someone is just going to magically hear it and they're going to save the day and they're going to put millions of dollars into them.  They've never been on stage, they've never recorded in the studio and they just feel they're going to be successful and they going to be on "106 and Park within a week.  Nah--you have to work for it."

To hear the lengths Jimmy and Des go to in order to get their music out in the world, listen to Jimmy's whole story above. 

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