Skelos on Gay Marriage: If GOP Members Support It, They Can Vote for It

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It's the final week of the New York State legislative session. With many major agreements still outstanding, including a property tax cap and gay marriage, the leader of the Senate says it will be an "exciting" one.

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, on his way to a weekly coffee session with Governor Andrew Cuomo, said he plans to meet with his Republican members later in the week to decide if there are enough votes to bring a bill to legalize gay marriage to the floor. A handful of senators are wavering, but Skelos, who is personally against same sex marriages, said he won't try to pressure anyone one way or the other.

"If they favor it, I've always said, they can vote for it," said Skelos.

Meanwhile, Governor Cuomo has called a Monday afternoon strategy meeting with lawmakers, labor groups and gay marriage advocates. The session will focus on whether Republican leadership will bring the bill to a vote, whether there is enough support in the Senate for the bill to pass, and what to do if there isn't.

There's also still no final agreement on a two percent property tax cap or the extension of New York City's rent regulations, which expire at the end of the day Wednesday. Skelos said his house has put in a bill to extend the rent laws for two more days, through Friday, saying settlement of two related items will "truly be an end of session issue."