Nothing's Ever Permanent in Foster Care

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"Nothing's ever permanent in foster care" is how Rookie Reporter Michael Jacobson describes his life in the system.  Just when he thinks things are settling down, he gets yet another case worker or must move to a new home.  In fact, Michael has lived in seven different homes in just four years.  Teenagers are the most difficult foster kids to place in homes, and Michael's story gives listeners a chance to hear first-hand why that's the case.

 Here’s an excerpt of his radio story:

When I first went into foster care, I just felt lost.  My friends kept saying, “Yo, you’re changing.  You’re acting like you’re depressed.” I used to bug out and say, “nah.” If you’re in foster care the only people you can trust are other foster kids because they know how it is.  My friend Shane told me, “When you’re with your parents you feel loved.  When you’re with your foster parents you feel like you’re just there.”  

Everytime I move into a new place I’m quiet and everything’s fine.  Then I start being myself and they realize I’m not what they wanted.  It gets me mad and then I really make sure I’m not what they wanted, so by the time I get kicked out, there’s no connection.   

When you’re living the “foster care lifestyle,” you’re only thinking about that day.  You don’t think about the future because you can’t control what’s going to happen.  Your social workers are supposed to help, but they never really stay around for long.  

 To listen to Michael’s complete story, go to the link above.

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