Rangel on Weiner: "Of Course He Can Be Effective"

Friday, June 10, 2011

Charlie Rangel Charlie Rangel (Stephen Nessen/WNYC)

Some words of encouragement for embattled Rep. Anthony Weiner from a fellow New York Democrat who's no stranger to controversy. Representative Charles Rangel said Friday that Weiner can still be an effective lawmaker but “only if the press gets off his back.”

“Of course he can be effective. He’s smart, he's respected,” Rangel told reporters outside City Hall Friday after a news conference on Iranian human rights. “But if indeed members, and especially Democratic members, find that every time they go out to campaign that people like you come and ask them about Anthony Weiner, it becomes a very difficult thing.”

Rangel, who was censured by the House of Representative last December for ethics violations, said the question of whether Weiner should resign is “something that’s hyped up by the press more than his ability to serve.”

When asked what he thought of Weiner’s conduct, Rangel said he didn’t understand what he called “high-tech stuff like this.”

“I know one thing. He wasn't going with prostitutes, he wasn't going out with little boys, he wasn't going into men’s rooms with broad stances,” said Rangel.

Another New York City Democrat, Rep. Carolyn Maloney, also spoke to reporters after the press conference on Iran, even though no one asked any on-topic questions. Maloney said Weiner’s political future is a decision for him and his constituents. (A poll conducted on June 8 shows a majority of Weiner’s constituents do not want him to resign.)

Maloney said her heart goes out to Weiner and his family. She did not answer a question on whether Weiner’s scandal is hurting the Democratic Party. When asked whether she would support Weiner for reelection, Maloney said, “I don't even know who's running or if anyone is running against him. I have to see who's going to be on the ballot.”

Other members of Congress representing New York City either declined or did not respond to WNYC’s request for comments.


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MzAnony from USA

What is reprehensible to me about those "in judgment of Weiner" are people like Nancy Pelosi, who, 2 months before she even took her oath of office, was TELLING Americans IMPEACHMENT OF BUSHBABY WAS "OFF THE TABLE?!" yet dares point a finger at ANYONE considering her refusal to demand due recourse for our embroilment in an illegal war while Congress itself committed treason against the United States Constitution with passage of the patriot's (PATOOHEY!) act?

The other outrageously unqualified accuser is "the moral indignation" of the reichpugnican party. If Weiner had any competent PR staff, they would have scrambled to offer up to the press a "reminder montage" of pics of all the sex scandals of elected reichpugnicans over the past 10 years, including all the married TV tele-evangelists - - so as to place "poor judgment" in a much needed proper context of not only the "morality" of so-called "Christians" but the reichpugnican party's own "judgment" to:

destroy Medicare
destroy health care and all social programs for all Americans
destroy the rights of women in all aspects of life (both professional and personal)
destroy "pesky parts" of the Constitution
destroy our nation by continued support of war mongering
destroy our nation by continued support of the patriot's (PATOOHEY) act
destroy our nation's environment by letting corporations destroy our air, land and water
destroy our school system for both primary and secondary educational opportunity
destroy arts funding nationwide (both in schools and our national culture at large)
destroy the poor and lower class American by forcing them to fund tax breaks for the rich
destroy social security by privatizing it via the bankers (who so deserve our further trust)

(and) Congress's own failings to rein in abuse of due process by not only allowing federal judges to commit blatantly illegal acts, but the Supreme Court involving itself in the electoral process (OVER WHICH IT HAD NO LEGAL AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER) to ensure bushbaby's illegal "election."

Weiner's wiener should be the least of our worries as a nation - compared to ALL the above ATROCITIES THAT EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN is "exposed" to daily - - thanks to such abysmal behavioral examples exhibited by all these other elected representatives!

Jun. 14 2011 04:06 AM
Nikki Weavers from new york city

I agree with Elizabeth Ziff!

Jun. 11 2011 02:03 PM
elizabeth ziff from New York City

Hmmmm. I wonder if Rangel and all the other men who are standing up for Weiner would do the same for a Representative who sent photo's of her vagina to teen age boys over the internet... would they say she's still able to be effective. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT IT.

Jun. 11 2011 01:51 PM
Antonia Gilligan

I agree. As a registered Democrat, I believe both men have betrayed their voters' interest. A congressman's job is to have suburb judgement and honestly represent the voters. Mr. Rangel's 4 rent control apartments and failure to follow the tax laws he writes, says volumes about our willingness to tolerate the crimes of the powerful. When is the NYCHA going to work to take the four apartments back, for people with limited incomes? They are rent controlled and I must believe a man with Mr. Rangle's income is well past that limit.

As for for Mr Weiner, his judgement is certainly off. Why was lying needed? Couldn't he just say "Yes, I'm a dirty, middle aged, politician, who hits on attractive young woman". If he will lie to his pregnant wife, who he owns property with, why do you think he'll be honest with the voters?

I don't care about his sex life but I do care about him being honest! Aren't our leaders supposed to be honest and take care of our country's business and not just work the system for their own selfish needs?

The worst part is that my fellow democrats let this corruption continue... Both parties foster this lack of honesty and effective legislative work in a effort to spin the situation.

But it the voter's fault since we let these fools get re-elected.

Antonia Gilligan

Jun. 11 2011 08:39 AM

I want Weiner and Rangel to resign.

Jun. 11 2011 07:52 AM

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