#3214: With Dustin O'Halloran

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Dustin O’Halloran is an American pianist/composer based in Berlin, whose approach to solo piano music is geared to avoid being lumped into either the buttoned-up classical tradition or the vapid noodlings of new age.  He has developed an introspective, cinematic, perhaps “post-classical”/”post-rock” sound, which feels atmospheric, emotive and melodically direct.

O’Halloran joins us in the studio for this edition of New Sounds, for live performances on our Steinway, and to talk us through his most recent works, both “Vorleben” (Past Life) and "Lumiere," (with the ACME folks.)  His website also just announced that he and Stars of the Lid member Adam Wilzie have a forthcoming duo record slated for September of 2011.

PROGRAM #3214, With Dustin O’Hallorin First aired on 6/10/11)                                                       






Salon Des Amateurs

Subconscious [4:03]

Fat Cat CD 13-16

Dustin O’Halloran

Live, WNYC June 2011

Opus 54 [3:51]
Opus 55 [5:22]
Opus 28 [3:08]
Opus 23 [2:43]

These performances not commercially available.

Dustin O’Halloran


We Move Lightly [3:10]

Available at www.dustinohalloran.com or download from www.emusic.com

Max Richter


Arbenita (11 Years) [7:06]

Was out of print, reissued on FatCat in 2009:  http://www.fatcat-usa.com OR www.amazon.com/Memoryhouse

Stars of the Lid


Virginia, excerpt [3:30]

SOTL001 / Cobraside
Available at http://boomkat.com or download from www.emusic.com