New Rookies Series Launches Wednesday

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Coming on June 15th the first in our latest batch of Radio Rookies stories, which will air every Wednesday and Thursday for the rest of the month.  First up, we'll hear from Alicia, who comes from a mixed-status home, meaning that half of her family are U.S. citizens, the other half are not.  Some people consider her an "anchor baby", but Alicia just feels confused about the expectations her parents have of her, as a citizen, and the guilt she feels that her sister lives under the fear of deportation.  And on Thursday a story about Facebook drama....  

 Like most teenagers, Brianna loves spending time on Facebook and, most of all, she loves Facebook drama.  But, unlike like a lot of teens, Brianna's mom helps her to navigate some of the trickier and more painful aspects of coming age in the era of social media.  Tune in this week on 93.9 FM during Morning Edition and on 93.9 FM and 820AM during All Things Considered.