Brighton Beach Residents React to Boardwalk Shooting

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Residents of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn are calling for more police presence after a boardwalk shooting that left a teenage girl dead and four men wounded Thursday.

Sitting on a bench near the crime scene Friday morning, Ida Aroshka said the behavior of young visitors is getting "worse and worse and worse" every year. She says the police could help prevent violence by cracking down on public drunkenness, especially on hot, crowded days like Thursday.

"People are drinking there, and they're smoking weed, and [the police] have to pay attention to this," she says.

Greg Mamlin, who was out walking this morning near the spot where two gunmen opened fire on Thursday said there needs to be more police in the area, especially on hot crowded days like yesterday, so they can see when trouble is brewing.

"You can't have a shooting from nothing, you're gonna have to start from somewhere, obviously there wasn't police to pay attention to what was going on before the shooting," Mamlin said.

Bane Vujinovic was on his way from home from work on the subway just not long before the shooting and was disturbed by what he saw.

"Kids smoking marijuana. No one did nothing. So, where is the police in the train, as we used to have before?" Vujinovic asked.

But while some Brighton Beach residents were calling for more police, Alice Kaufman said a crackdown would be the wrong response to the tragedy, because it would hurt all the law-abiding people who just need a place to get away.

"It's just like paradise on earth here, you know, for city people. And so I hope we can just move through this and not get hung up over it," said Kaufman.

Police say two gunmen opened fire just before 5:30 p.m. Thursday evening, apparently after an altercation on the beach.

Sixteen-year-old Tysha Jones died at Coney Island Hospital.  The hospital says another male victim brought there is in "very critical condition."

Police are looking into whether the shooting was gang-related. No arrests have been made.