New Music from Keyboardists


The old tradition of the keyboardist/composer (think Bach, Beethoven, Mozart) lives on in the works of England’s Andrew Poppy, whose music might be a mix of rock/pop, with some ambient, minimalist, electronic, and contemporary chamber thrown in.  He calls it a “stew” and rather than fusion music, has dubbed it “con-fusion” music.  We’ll hear some of Poppy’s works, along with some keyboard-informed works by Russian Anton Batagov, music from French-born American Elodie Lauten, and more music for piano, with electronics, tape, and other sounds.

PROGRAM # 3052, New Music from Keyboardists (First aired on Fri., 03/19/10)





anton batagov & xmz

ab & xmz

II III [6:53]

Tummo TCD09018

Andrew Poppy

…And the shuffle of things

almost the same shame [10:01]

Field Radio FR#1008

Elodie Lauten

Piano works revisited

Cat Counterpoint [3:16]
Concerto for Piano and Orchestral Memory: Andante Cantabile [5:18]

Unseen Worlds Records UW05

Piccola Accademia Degli Specchi -


Matteo Sommacal: Nessuno Ascolta il Cane di Ceramica [11:34]

Centaur Records 2983

Wim Mertens

Close Cover


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