Designing a Clearer Ballot

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Listen to a discussion of the new ballot design bill from the Brian Lehrer Show above.

Your ballot may be getting a makeover.

Ballot DetailIn the primary and general elections last fall, voters across New York City struggled with new paper ballots. But local officials said many of the design issues, and even incorrect instructions, are written into state law.

Today, state Assemblyman Brian Kavanagh (D-Manhattan) is announcing a bill that would change the election law to allow for clearer ballots -- with the aim of making it easier to vote.

Here's a mockup of a new New York State ballot based on the proposed law, done by The Brennan Center for Justice and Design for Democracy, both of which helped draft the bill (click here for an expanded view):

Click yellow boxes for annotations. Pages 3 and 4 are the demonstration ballot provided by the NYC Board of Elections ahead of the fall 2010 elections. Click here for an expanded view

The Brennan Center and Design for Democracy also put together a PowerPoint slide show with details on the proposed election law changes.

Do you have any thoughts about the redesign? Are you a designer who wants to take a crack at the ballot? If so, put your contact information in the comments section below (the email field will not be made public) and we'll be in touch!