Driving While Texting: How Does Your Community Behave?

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Yesterday, we asked our listeners via text and on Facebook some questions about texting and driving: Critics say texting while driving is deadly. Oprah is asking people to sign a "No Phone Zone Pledge," a promise not to text while driving. Is it as dangerous as some people say? Can you offer a solution? Do you do it? Be honest!

We received a good number of responses, representing communities from Palm Beach Fla. to Tacoma, Wash., displaying a broad spectrum of opinion and behavior. So we put them into a map. 

Some listeners said they would never think of texting and driving at the same time. Others copped to texting while driving but had rules about what circumstances made it acceptable. Still others said they did it even though they knew it was dangerous. We even got a few ideas for solving the growing problem of texting while driving (assuming you consider it a problem, of course). 

Check out the map below to see what people had to say and how they behave, maybe in your own area (click on the green teardrop icons to read comments). If you add your own response in the comments section, we'll add it to the map!