Meet Anthony Weiner's Wife: Huma Abedin

Congressman Anthony Weiner's wife, Huma Abedin, has not publicly commented on her husband's confession earlier this week that he sent lewd photos and messages to other women online — but the scandal has thrust her into the spotlight.

"She made it very clear that she thought what I did was very dumb and she was not happy about it, and she's very disappointed,” Weiner said during a blockbuster press conference Monday in which he copped to sending lewd photos to women on Twitter. "And she also told me that she loved me and wanted us to pull through this."

Abedin was not present at the news conference.

Abedin, 35, is a former White House intern and current aide to Hillary Clinton who is fluent in Arabic and was named one of Time magazine's 40-under-40 rising political stars in 2010. The brunette stunner is known for her glamor and gusto, and aside from a spattering of interviews is very private and has largely stayed outside the glaring spotlight of the press.  

She was described as "mysterious, glamorous and eerily unflappable" in a 2007 profile published in the New York Observer, and credited Hillary and Bill Clinton — who officiated her wedding to Weiner in Long Island in 2010 — with being her inspirations: "They are the reason I ended up in politics," she told Time.

Abedin, currently Hillary Clinton's deputy chief of staff, was an intern at the White House in 1996 and served as traveling chief of staff for Hillary Clinton during her 2008 election campaign. She is a practicing Muslim who was born in Michigan and raised in Saudi Arabia. She graduated with a BA from George Washington University in 1997.