Financial 411: Can New York City Surpass Silicon Valley as a Tech Center?

It's Internet Week, and all week long, the city has organized events designed to celebrate the local technology industry.

Senator Charles Schumer spoke on Monday, setting an ambitious goal  for New York City: to surpass Silicon Valley as the country's leading high-tech center by 2035.

To find out more about the types of companies getting off the ground here in New York, we turn to Dave Lifson. Lifson founded his own company, Postling, two years ago, and also scouts for promising new start-ups looking for money. Postling helps small businesses develop social media and marketing strategies.

Lifson believes the city can surpass Silicon Valley. He said the city already has some advantages — "specifically around being so close to the customers of start-ups," he said. "So instead of being in the bubble of Silicon Valley, where all of your friends are also entrepreneurs, you're sitting next to people in finance and in advertising and in fashion and media, and that can be really powerful."

Lifson talks about why he decided to start his company in the city, and defends his belief that the city can become the nation's leading high-tech center.