City Probe Finds No Evidence of Blizzard Slowdown

An investigation has uncovered no evidence that sanitation workers intentionally sabotaged snow removal efforts to protest budget cuts during the blizzard in December.

The city's Department of Investigation released a report Friday saying that video footage and GPS data appeared to show the majority of the plowing fleet was doing its job and that trucks seen sitting idle were stuck in the snow.

A City Council member claimed to have spoken with city workers who said there had been an intentional work slow-down, but the agency said two of the workers refuted the politician's claims.

Sanitation union president Harry Nespoli, who said the department was short 700 people to be effect against the inclement weather, blamed Bloomberg administration.

"So they said, 'What's your concern?' My concern is we are not manned up," he said, "We don't have enough men and women to fight a major storm here in New York City."

With the Associated Press