Morning Headlines

Bay Ridge Residents Fight Trash by Removing Trashcans (NY Times)
The city Department of Sanitation, acting on the desires of the local community board, is removing fourteen trash cans from three intersections along Fourth Avenue in Bay Ridge. Community leaders complained that neighborhood residents were illegally dumping household garbage in the cans. Illegal dumping can bring fines of up to $100 fines, but enforcement is difficult.

Democratic Lawmakers Abandoning Anthony Weiner (NY Post)
Democrats in Washington are criticizing Congressman Anthony Weiner for the way he’s been handling the underpants/Twitter scandal. Minority Whip Steny Hoyer called the situation a “distraction” and said he didn’t know “what’s going on with” Weiner. And Democratic power brokers closer to home say Weiner has ruined his chances in a mayoral race. Meanwhile, is Weiner the victim of sexism?

Con Ed Predicts Record Summer Energy Demand (Reuters)
Consolidated Edison Inc. says it has enough power to meet the projected need for this coming summer, despite predictions of record-high demand. The company invested $1.1 billion into infrastructure improvements to meet an estimated demand of 13,275 megawatts. The current record of 13,141 megawatts was set on August 2, 2006.

Ed Panel Recommends Letting Students Grade Teacher Performance (NY Post)
A report by Educators 4 Excellence recommends letting students and independent observers grade teachers. The group has been guiding negotiations between the teachers union and the city on the a new teacher evaluation system. Written or oral surveys from students would make up 10 percent of teacher evaluation scoring.  

Long Island City to Get Bike Lanes (NY Daily News)
Long Island City will get bike lanes along 44th Drive in both directions from Vernon Blvd. to Thomson Ave.
The street has one of the highest rates of pedestrian accidents in Queens, according to Department of Transportation officials. A larger traffic-calming project starts this month, with the four-lane road losing one car lane each way but gaining a median.

State Senate Requiring Background Checks for Bus Drivers (NY Daily News)
The New York State Senate has passed legislation requiring criminal background checks for bus drivers seeking commercial licences in New York. School bus drivers are already required to submit to screening..  
The legislation, which requires fingerprinting as well, now heads to the Assembly.

Newark Mayor Cory Booker Set to Announce Summer Anti-Crime Initiative (WNBC)
The “Safe Summer” program will include recreational and employment opportunities for young people this summer. Mayor Booker will also deploy more police officers. This is part of the mayor’s effort to a lid on the violence that plagued the city last year. Last summer, Newark experienced its highest number of murders in decades.

Store Owners Slam Proposed Legislation Requiring Electrical Upgrades (NY Daily News)
The legislation introduced in Albany on Mayor Bloomberg’s behest would require grocery store owners to re-wire their electrical systems, so they can switch to an alternative power source in the event of a blackout. City officials say it would ensure residents would have access to food and supplies. But grocery store owners say they would be on the hook for the repairs that could cost up to $20,000.

Editorial: Mayor Should Cut School Funding and Bike Programs to Avoid Fire Company Closures (NY Post)
In advance of firefighters rallying in front of City Hall today, the NY Post editorial board writes in order to save fire companies, the mayor should look for cuts to education and get rid of his “silly bike-lane program.” It argues that although schools are important, they have been “bathed in cash for a decade; if cuts are needed go deeper there.” The ed board also writes that closing fire companies can cost lives and accuses the mayor of cooking the books when it comes to calculating response times.