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Thursday, June 02, 2011 - 06:00 AM

1907 NYC Planning Map (RevivalTHEDIGEST/flickr)

UPDATE: Check out the New Little Map Below! We've taken our data set and mapped it.

Each Thursday in June, the Brian Lehrer Show and Andrew Beveridge of Social Explorer will discuss New York’s diverse communities - areas of ethnic concentration you may not know about or are changing quickly. Where's the new "Little Italy"? How many Chinatowns are there? "Little Lima," anyone? But, we need your help. Check out the interactive map and data set below to join in!

Below is the latest Census Tract Ancestry Data - you can go through it and add notes to our spreadsheet about the various communities we've identified.

What Am I Looking At?

  • Andrew and his team at Social Explorer have done a search of Census (actually, American Community Survey) data from 2000-2009 and found areas where there is a more than 20% concentration of a certain ancestral or ethnic group.
  • The data set is broken up by census tract, but we've provided basic information about the neighborhoods within that tract. If you want to look up a specific tract, there's a link in the spreadsheet.
  • Note that there are three sheets to the data set. The data is also grouped by census ancestry/ethnic category.

What Do I Do?

Basically, explore the data set and see what catches your eye! Then, edit the spreadsheet and add your thoughts. Any surprising communities? Do you live in this area? What can we learn?

  • In the column labeled Notes, Questions, Tips tell us what we should know. Who should we contact, what's the community like? Anything goes.
  • We’ve already highlighted a few tracts that caught our eye, but feel free to annotate any grouping.
  • Please don’t edit the data itself! Only work in the column labeled Notes, Questions, Tips

What's Going To Happen With The Information?

Once your stories come in, we'll follow up with conversations about specific neighborhoods. Plus, later in the month, we'll ask artists to help draw a new map of New York City featuring some of the newer or more obscure ethnic enclaves hiding in the data. Stay tuned! 


Any other observations or ideas? Post them in the comments section below.

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Jody Avirgan and John Keefe


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Comments [76]

lou66 from dyker heights

Little Malta in the southern section of Bath Beach. About 45 families who emigrated to the US 6 to 7 years ago. There is a small social club, and one car has official Knights of Malta identification. Very active in Catholic Church activities.They have a small soccer team called appropriately the Falcons. Nice people!

Jun. 20 2012 05:28 PM

these are littles within littles...

Also...Ridgewood, Glendale and Middle Village possibly the largest concentraion of folks from an area in Slovenia known as Gottscheer, see:

and folks from the area between Serbia and Romania known as Banat...

Mar. 14 2012 11:41 AM
Rosie from New York, NY

There are Spaniards from Galicia in Woodside. There is also a Spanish Social Club, see:

Also, Lithuanians in Woodhaven.

Ridgewood, Glendale and Middle Village has mostly Italian immigrants from Sicily.

Mar. 14 2012 11:27 AM
Marco Kalisch from Manhattan

Have you (or anyone else) done the New Little with the ethnicity of the neighborhoods imprinted on the map. I would love to have one for my classroom

Sep. 30 2011 08:56 AM
Michael Seltzer

Let's also note Little Spain that was on 14th street between 7th and 8th avenues. There are still a few institutions and a church on the block that are reminders of its past as the center of the city's Spanish community.

Michael Seltzer
Greenwich Village
(formerly, the center of the City's "Bohemian" community).

Jul. 19 2011 05:46 PM
Michael from Manhattan

There are no Little Israels or Little Jewishes? I feel that there should be ethnic communities who are not recent immigrants (such as the Italian Staten Island communities).

Jul. 19 2011 12:09 PM
joanne from northern NJ

Looked at the drop-down on the map, there's a category for "American" ancestry. what's up with that?

Jul. 16 2011 12:05 PM
an Ecuadorian from nyc

NOT happy about "Ecuadoran." It's "Ecuadorian!" Ask an Ecuadorian! Look it up. Even spellcheck will tell you it's with an 'i".

Jul. 12 2011 05:43 PM
Madeline Sorel from Manhattan Beach Brooklyn

Thanks for a great assignment for the illustration students in my class at KCC.

Jul. 11 2011 09:23 PM
Rebecca from Jackson Heights

Judging by restaurants and cafes in Jackson Heights, on 37th Avenue between 84th St and 86th Street is a "Little Uruguay." There are Uruguayan flags strung across the street, and there was quite a street party for the Uruguayan soccer team during the men's World Cup.

Jul. 11 2011 09:44 AM

My son and his family live on 10th St. just off Prospect Park West and I'd like to recommend that area of Brooklyn to be known as, "Little Fertile Crescent"!
Does that qualify for your ethnic map?


Jul. 10 2011 08:18 PM
Anna from Riverdale

Another Area of Russian population is a Riverdale in Bronx

Jul. 09 2011 11:41 PM
john from brooklyn

I understand that the deadline is Monday, July 11 but what time do we have to submit by? (6pm?) Also, what are the file and format requirements? (PDF, 24x36, 300dpi?) Should we size the file so it can be printed poster size? Thanks.

Jul. 06 2011 10:46 AM
Amanda from Brooklyn

I refer to the area between about 26th and 39th streets, between 6th and 9th Avenues, as "Little Improv Town," because it's where most of the improv theaters/schools/rehearsal spaces are (Upright Citizens Brigade, Magnet, PIT, etc)... with outlier locations in the East Village (Under St. Marks) and Long Island City (The Creek).

Jun. 30 2011 04:16 PM
Lonna Robinson from Brooklyn

Kensington, Brooklyn could be called "Little UN" for its diversity. It might be valuable to look at the areas that defy categorization along these ethnic lines but are not homogenized/gentrified.

Jun. 30 2011 04:15 PM
geo from Astoria

dont forget Little Greece in Astoria!

Thats the dominant culture in Astoria.

Jun. 30 2011 11:01 AM
Dave Cook from Manhattan

On Staten Island, Tompkinsville, especially along Victory Blvd. near Cebra Ave., might be regarded as Little Sri Lanka.

In the Bronx, the short stretch of Starling Ave., in Parkchester, has the supplementary name Banglabazar, after the predominantly Bangladeshi population.

Jun. 24 2011 02:58 PM

@Dan, @Mia, others-
We are working from a data set of census numbers from NYC only. That said, we love the stories from NJ, CT, and elsewhere. Keep 'em coming!

Jun. 24 2011 01:34 PM
Mia from Bernardsville, NJ

In keeping with the comment about going outside the NYC area, there is a long-standing community of Paraguyans in my town of Bernardsville, NJ. The disparities between the races in this small, wealthy town in the Somerset Hills area of the state (where Jackie Kennedy Onassis used to live) are striking. And the issues continue--particularly a recent dust-up over a large Paraguyan group marching in the Memorial Day parade. Might be something your show would want to explore.

Jun. 23 2011 02:44 PM
Megan Piontkowski from Kensington, Brooklyn

I live in the western part of Kensington in Brooklyn, and there are many Bangladeshi people here. I'd love to draw a map of Little Bangladesh!

Jun. 23 2011 02:36 PM

Why stay just within the city limits? Nassau and Bergen counties are highly diverse ethnically. One example: in Great Neck you hear more Farsi than English - definitely "Little Iran" (or "Little Persia" as these immigrants would probably prefer.)

Jun. 23 2011 11:17 AM
Jonathan Miller from Forest Hills

The Little Russian area in Forest Hills really should be Little Bukaria or Little Uzbekistan. My guess is that the Bukarian Jews from Uzbekistan in Forest Hills and Rego Park may have self reported as Russian on the Census.

Jun. 22 2011 12:02 PM
Joel Sperber from Park Slope (born in Boro Park),

New tag for Flatbush Avenue, between the Manhattan Bridge and Gold Street: "Little Manhattan". In a few short years we have gone from low density to row upon row of high-rise condos. In ten years this Manhattanization will have crept up to Vanderbilt Avenue. Thank you Brooklyn natives - Marty Markowitz and Bruce Rattner.

Jun. 22 2011 10:09 AM
Jade from Red Hook, Brooklyn

This map is great. I had no idea my neighborhood was becoming French! I'm hoping some bakeries follow suit....

Jun. 22 2011 07:24 AM

Park Slope = Little Babyland

Jun. 21 2011 05:07 PM
Herman Darvick from Brighton Beach, Brooklyn

You can't forget Little Odessa: Brighton Beach, just like Odessa, Ukraine, is on the water. Odessa on the Black Sea, Brighton Beach on the Atlantic Ocean.

Jun. 21 2011 04:58 PM
Lila from Brooklyn, NY

He should mention Little Caribbean in Flatbush, Brooklyn. It's a great neighborhood.

Jun. 21 2011 04:56 PM
Myrna Zach from Monroe Twp, NJ

What a great idea. Grew up in Williamsburg in the late 30's (really ancient) when Jewish, Italian and Irish were the big 3. The new Littles will make a terrific map. Thank you.

Jun. 21 2011 04:40 PM
Lisa from Manhattan

What about the south of Murray Hill blocks (lexington @ 25th-28th), also known as Curry Hill? Many Indian restaurants and specialized grocery stores...

Jun. 21 2011 10:42 AM
Louis Ricciardi from Brooklyn

You should mention how 86 street in Bensonhurst is the third Chinatown of Brooklyn.

Jun. 21 2011 07:54 AM
Johann from Ridgewood, NY 11385

I'm colombian and I live in Ridgewood Queens. Here in Ridgewood is huge Polish community. in the past three year a lot of Polish people have been moving into this area. I called "Little Poland" between Forest Avenue & Fresh Pond Road 85% is Polish. one can find , Polish bakeries, groceries , flower stores, banks, travel agencies and excellent restaurans.

Jun. 20 2011 03:12 PM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Aminata in Brooklyn reports, "Where I live, I live down by Washington Avenue, if you go down to Fulton in Bedford there’s a lot of, there’s a concentration of Senegalese people. I know that, because sometimes I go down to eat there for lunch and there are so, so many Senegalese people. I mean, there are other West African people there, but a lot of Senegalese.”

Jun. 17 2011 02:37 PM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Joe from Hollis, Queens reports, “I live in Hollis. But there’s always been a high concentration of Italian Americans in Middle Village, Queens, for as long as I’ve known. I grew up in Ridgewood, Queens and I remember there’s tons of Italians, in fact, even to this day, there’s probably more than 50% of the inhabitants that are Italian Americans.”

Jun. 17 2011 02:25 PM
Joe from Nassau

Floral Park, Queens may be Little India. There are many Indian restaurants and businesses along Union Turnpike and Hillside Avenue in North Floral Park. They also seem to have a presence in Elmont, where there is an Indian Cultural Center off of Jericho Turnpike and an Indian Orthodox Church on Elmont Road.

The previous comment about Portuguese having moved out of Jamaica seems to be true. I don't know where they moved to, but there is still a thriving Portuguese presence in Nassau County, in Mineola.

I hope to share the link to the map people I know who are into ethnic studies. Personally, I enjoy the restaurant or menu recommendations made by your guests and callers.

Jun. 16 2011 09:03 PM
Paul from Little Bangladesh

The Little Bangladesh neighborhood in Brooklyn is not downtown, but around the intersection of Church Ave. and McDonald Ave. There is also a Pakistani neighborhood around Church Ave. and Coney Island Ave. Perhaps the overlay for Little Bangladesh now seen over downtown Brooklyn is misplaced.

Jun. 16 2011 05:00 PM
polmazurka from greenpoimt

Polish dance stuff--greenpoint:

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Jun. 16 2011 03:47 PM
Ron Raphael from Flairon District of Manhattan

There is a high concentration of a Korean shops in Manhattan from 28th to 33rd streets between seventh avenue and fifth avenue.

Also there is a large concentration of Turkish businesses on 47th street , between sixth and fifth avenues (just east of the diamond district), I would imagine that this exists on neighboring streets, although I don't know this as a fact.

As a salesperson, I have observed these 2 neighborhoods..

Jun. 16 2011 12:34 PM
daniel from nyc

This may have been said, but it'd be great if the map had an "all on" switch…

Jun. 16 2011 12:27 PM
S. Silva from Bronx, NY

I know that there are some Portuguese restaurants and what seems like the remnants of a "Little Portugal" along Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica Queens. I went once in search of some good times, Portuguese style, and I was disappointing to find that there were not many signs of any active community. If you go to the Iron bound community along Ferry Street in Newark, NJ, there is a vibrant and thriving Portuguese community, complete with churches, festivals, bands, and folklore groups. This comment is more to voice some frustration that Jersey is showing us up! Where are the Portuguese in NYC, or what happened to them?

Jun. 16 2011 11:41 AM
Kathleen from Jackson Heights

Philippinos, Nepalese, and Tibetans are in Woodside in the sixties between Northern Blvd and Roosevelt Ave.

Jun. 16 2011 11:26 AM
Sebastian SIlva from Bronx, NY

I know that there are some Portuguese restaurants and what seems like the remnants of a "Little Portugal" along Sutphin Boulevard in Jamaica Queens. I went once in search of some good times, Portuguese style, and I was disappointing to find that there were not many signs of any active community. If you go to the Iron bound community along Ferry Street in Newark, NJ, there is a vibrant and thriving Portuguese community, complete with churches, festivals, bands, and folklore groups. This comment is more to voice some frustration that Jersey is showing us up! Where are the Portuguese in NYC, or what happened to them?

Jun. 16 2011 11:08 AM
Laura from Manhattan

Sunnyside is a center for the Turkish community.

Jun. 16 2011 11:03 AM
MIke from Park Slope

Brian! Where are all the Portuguese? I can't find good linguica anywhere in NYC. I heard I could go to Newark but really, that can't be the only option. I'm not willing to get shot over sausage.

Also, with all the Mexican areas in NY, how come I still have to fly home to CA for a good burrito? Are all the good Mexican chefs working in Italian restaurants or something?

Jun. 16 2011 11:01 AM
Nora Martinez DeBenedetto from Jersey City

Little India on Newark Avenue near Journal Square in Jersey City!

Two blocks of saris and currys. I love the restaurant 'The Village,' where they have a great lunch buffet and frequently show Bollywood movies projected on the wall.

Jun. 16 2011 10:56 AM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Jenna from Highbridge reports, "It’s definitely turning into Little Senegal and more generally Little West Africa. There are tons and tons of francophone West Africas living in my neighborhood which is right on the hill next to Yankee Stadium. And I, being an opera singer speak both French and Spanish and I speak as much French and as much Spanish in my neighborhood as I do English. It’s really quite amazing."

Jun. 14 2011 12:07 PM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Okwen from Ocean Parkway reports, "Ocean Parkway is being loaded basically with people from the former Soviet Republic which is called Uzbekistan and Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan and specifically from a little city from Uzbekistan called Samarkand. It’s like. You’re going to see everybody basically from speaking, that city, they speak Persian, having new restaurants. And amazingly, in Ocean Parkway, you’re going to walk down the street and you’ll see a lot of people speaking in that specific language which is Persian and also Russian."

Jun. 14 2011 12:04 PM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Isadora from Astoria reports, "Astoria, from 36th Avenue to Broadway is chock-full of Brazilians. We have restaurants and stores and you’ll here Portuguese spoken a lot of the times on the streets just walking down.”

Jun. 14 2011 12:04 PM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Jim in Spring Lake reports, "Hey Brian, I don’t have a new little, but I thought this might be an interesting switch for the people studying this. I played a lot of soccer in New York and the North Jersey area for the last 20 years and it’s always neat to see the new teams that pop up, when I new flood of immigrants come in. Or you can know how any economy is doing in another country. Like I used to play for Irish clubs. When the Irish economy was bad, we had the best clubs in the city."

Jun. 14 2011 11:54 AM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Joe in Sunnyside reports, "Yeah, Hi, My wife and I both taught in north-west Queens and as the professor says, it is very, very diverse… so it’s hard to say it’s little anything if it’s really little everything, but there’s an increasing Tibetan population in Sunnyside."

Jun. 14 2011 11:52 AM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Kyle in Brooklyn reports: "“Cony Island Avenue in Brooklyn, it seems to be a Little Pakistan. There’s a lot of little Pakistanian shops.”

Jun. 14 2011 11:50 AM
Brian Lehrer Show from Varick St. Studios

Caller Jessie in the Bronx reports: “I was gonna say, I don’t know if it’s earned the title or anything, but, where I live in the Bronx up by Pelham Parkway, there’s a lot of Albanians. It should probably be little Albania.”

Jun. 14 2011 11:49 AM

Definitely will have to check out the Liberian neighborhoods and @Peter - that's a great idea with Google Maps.
Meanwhile in NJ we have...
Edison/Iselin and Jersey City = Indian
Paterson = Middle Eastern
Union City/West New York = Latino, and one of the only spots in NJ to get authentic Mexican food

Jun. 13 2011 05:56 PM

Canarsie Brooklyn="Little Haiti" (probably due to the earthquake)
Glendale Queens="Little Germany"
Mount Hope Bronx="Little Ghana"
Steinway area Queens="Little Greece"
Richmond Hill Queens="Little Guyana"

Jun. 10 2011 12:37 PM
jane from Hudson Valley

I agree with Jonathan Green above: The Hudson Valley is so diverse. Going to the local "Chinese Buffet" is a good example of Chinese, Japanese, other Eastern foods, Italian, Mexican..etcetc..
Take the MetroNorth Hudson Line and one SEES the diversity of the Hudson Valley. Even Foods/Restaurants available along Rt 9 are now so diverse. Not quite the NYC Boroughs, but certainly changing quickly.

Jun. 09 2011 11:53 AM
Larry from Brooklyn

Oops. And I forgot Little Sri Lanka also in Staten Island. Great restaurants!

Jun. 09 2011 11:10 AM
JEAN from Manhattan

Enjoying the New Littles. Would love a follow up of the good restaurants available in these areas.

Jun. 09 2011 11:07 AM
Robert from NYC

Down the road from the professor at Queens College, Flushing was for a while Little Taipei (Shao Taipei), but is home to increasingly more people from the Mainland. Little Guangdong? Little Shenzhen? Just plain Chinatown No. 2?

Jun. 09 2011 11:04 AM
Larry from Brooklyn

Major "little Albania" in Staten Island.

Jun. 09 2011 10:58 AM
Josh from Brooklyn

Tiny Panama on Franklin Avenue in Crown Heights.
Little Indonesia and Thailand in Elmhurst
Little Pakistan in Brighton Beach
Little Guyana in Richmond Hill

Jun. 09 2011 10:51 AM
Kate from Sunnyside, Queens

My neighborhood, Sunnyside Queens, is little Ireland, full of Irish bars and Irish people, including my husband.

Jun. 09 2011 10:46 AM
Monica from Astoria, NY


I am Italian and I live in Astoria. Although Astoria is still very Greek,but Ditmars/31st St has a mini Little Italy: a authentic bakery (Rose&Joe from Umbria, they have the 'panificio-style pizza'), an Italian deli with real Italian people (Rosario's), an Italian bakery (La Guli), several Italian restaurant (but really the most authentic one is Ornella owned and operated by Giuseppe Vitterale), and least, but not last, a pasta factory run by a man from Tuscany. In one block radius I feel like I am at home.

Jun. 07 2011 05:07 PM
khach turabian from Forest Hills

How about naming Forest Hills and Rego Park the Little Buchara. We have lots of Bucharian Jews here who are redeveloping the Cord Meyer area with new multimillion dollar mansions. Some of them are so hideous that makes you wonder how you can build something so ugly.

Jun. 03 2011 05:50 PM
Harrumph from CaGa-CoStreeWaFroDis

Carroll Gardens is becoming Little Annoying Smug Post-Hipster Parent-ville.

They revel in Mafia lore, and on occasion, actually engage with their aging Italian-American neighbors. To their pure whitebread sensibilities, it's all kitsch.

Jun. 03 2011 12:07 PM
jasmine from paterson, nj

no new jersey on the map?

Jun. 02 2011 03:31 PM
cheryl from Kew Gardens

Did anyone mention Kew Gardens and Rego Park and the population from Uzbekistan?

Jun. 02 2011 02:30 PM

@Daniellle - good catch! We fixed it. Bronx is now well represented...

Jun. 02 2011 12:50 PM

Looks like you've mistagged the Bronx with Westchester County. Kingsbridge, Spuyten Duyvil, Riverdale, Woodlawn, etc. are in the Bronx, not Westchester.

Jun. 02 2011 11:51 AM

@Janna- This data shows census tracts with a 20% or higher concentration of a particular ancestry group. So maybe the Bronx simply doesn't reach that threshold. That said, if you have anecdotal information, feel free to post it and we'll follow up.

@Jonathan - you're absolutely right. This is a big data set and Andrew has numbers on NYC primarily. That said, we hear you and will bring New Jersey, Long Island, and Connecticut into the mix as well. You may also want to check out our "Anecdotal Census" project from last fall, where we talked about changes in counties throughout the region. And, of course, you can always post your observations here in the comments.

Jun. 02 2011 11:23 AM
Rose from ano, TX

Park Hill Avenue on Staten Island will definitely qualify as one of the new littles, as it host a very large population of Liberian immirgrants living in the US. You can say Little Liberia. Check it out. Thanks.

Jun. 02 2011 11:18 AM
Peter from Jackson Heights

Debbie - Jackson Heights' lower 70's are definitely a Little India, most obviously where the restaurants are on 74th Street between Roosevelt and 37th Avenue.

Also, Jackson Heights' 80's-90's are very Colombian, and the area in general has a growing gay community.

What I'm really interested in is the Elmhurst area of Queens, especially near Homestead Park. There's a huge mix of an East Asian/Indonesian/Malaysian concentration going on there that seems totally off the mainstream radar.

(Is it possible to do the community mapping through Google Maps? The spreadsheets aren't very user-friendly.)

Jun. 02 2011 11:12 AM
Jonathan Green from Englewood

What a fascinating project is the mapping of the "Littles". Disappointing, however, is limiting the study to geographical NYC. You go north, south and east of Manhattan and ignore the huge number of "Littles" yards away in New Jersey, a major part of your listening audience. If you promote yourself as a metropolitan area station, include those metropolitan area communities so physically near on the other side of the river. It will make your study richer.

Jun. 02 2011 11:12 AM

The north side of Forest Hills is quickly becoming Little Bukharian Uzbekistan. Old houses and lawns replaced with large chrome-fenced compounds with concrete yards.

Jun. 02 2011 11:06 AM
Janna Baty from Bronx

There are virtually no data on any part of the Bronx. Why?

Jun. 02 2011 11:03 AM
Erica E Woods from Bronx

I would love to know where there are a small enclave of African Americans. I live in the Bronx and feel very isolated at times.

Jun. 02 2011 10:55 AM
FranciL from Roosevelt Island

I nominate Roosevelt Island as Little United Nations!
With a population close to 14,000, and growing, we have residents from as many nations as the United Nations. In fact, quite a few UN employees live here because of the close proximity to their work place.

Jun. 02 2011 10:51 AM
Debbie from Jackson Heights

Is Jackson Heights in the low 70s officially called "Little India"? I think I've heard it called that unofficially.

Jun. 02 2011 10:47 AM

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